The Gongchig Teachings Have Started

kyobt03This year’s Winter Teachings, the extensive Gongchig Teachings, started on 11th November, at 10am at Jangchubling Monastery, Dehradun, India. Many Tulkus, monks and nuns from many different traditions of Tibetan Buddhism assembled to receive these precious teachings.

kheng05Once Ven. Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche took his place on the throne, a Mandala Offering, an extensive offering of the eight auspicious signs and seven types of precious things of the King was offered by the Board Members of Drikung Kagyu Institute, Working Committee Members and Dharma Friends and sponsors from Singapore for World Peace Prayer 2012, as a request to turn the Wheel of Dharma.

On the first day, Khenchen Rinpoche gave brief account on the life story of the Kyobpa Jigten Sumgön and about the importance of his precious and most significant text Gongchig. He briefly outlined the main text and gave the transmission which comes down from authentic masters to the present day. He said thought the Gongchig was composed many hundreds of years ago, it is still very much needed and adaptable to the present situation and condition. The Gongchig really brings out the inner essence of the wisdom aspect which directly clears the darkness of the confusion and ignorance of mind, the source of all problems. The meaning of Gongchig can be explained on several levels: 1. The single intent, 2. The same view like all Buddhas, 3. As vase for phenomena and the nature of emptiness or empty nature, 4. The holistic view of everything, omniscience.

Rinpoche added, looking at the present condition in this very advanced 21st Century and at the same time looking back hundreds of years, all politics, sciences and modern technologies are trying to solve problems, but we never come up with ultimate solutions. This text gives the ultimate solution to the problems and provides us with clear observations of our problems and how to overcome them. The main focus in this text is on the wisdom aspect of our mind, and we need to fully use our heart and mind to bring our innate wisdom to blossom.

Khenchen Rinpoche has kindly come up with money to offer lunch at 12am and tea at 10am for two months until the end of this teaching for all who gather for the teachings. Dharma Friends from Singapore have kindly offered complete set of robes to each Rinpoche and every monk and nun of the Drikung Kagyu Institute, as well as sweaters and shoes for the little monks of the Jangchubling Monastery.

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