Science Workshop at Songtsen Library

From January 18 to 21, 2012, for the very first time a Science workshop took place at Songtsen Library for the senior students, monks and nuns of Kagyu College and many teachers were also present. The resource persons who have been conducting workshops in major monasteries in South India and elsewhere, came from Switzerland, India, and from the Tibetan community. This workshop was a wonderful glimpse to modern science. Dr. Mrs. Bhumo Tsering, the coordinator of this workshop was the Chief Guest.

The Principal of Kagyu College, Khenpo Konchok Rangdol said, “It was very refreshing to learn that both Buddhism and science are based on a fundamental view of finding the truth through reasoning and cause and effect. In Buddhism we call this interdependent origination.

The workshop was very useful for the monks and nuns because they could see something practical such as how the brain and organs function, which is very much similar with the Buddhist view of the nature of phenomena.

All scholars who gave lessons during the four-day workshop were very active and very enthusiastic, showing their different skills. The monks, nuns and I learned a lot about science and Buddhist view with these invaluable teachings.”

Nun, Yeshi Dolma of DK Samtenling nunnery, a class five student of Kagyu College said, “At the conclusion of the workshop, I felt we gained more knowledge. I had no opportunity to study science and I knew nothing on science before this workshop. As there were Tibetan translators and the entire workshop was in the Tibetan language, it was understandable. I am grateful for the persons sponsoring this workshop and organizing the event and to the resource persons. I hope there can be more such workshops possible in the future.”

It is thanks to the generous sponsorship from the German Schweisfurth Stiftung and the assistance from their Director, Dr. Franz-Theo Gottwald that this workshop was made possible. This is actually the fifth workshop for the Drikung nuns the Foundation has been sponsoring.

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