The Tibetan Government in Exile Presents Mandala Offering to His Holiness

MinisterofReligionAndCultureOn 23rd January 2013, in the morning at 8 am, His Excellency Kalon Pema Chonjor, Minister of Religion & Culture, Dharamsala and  Kungo Thinley Jigmey and officials of the Tibetan Settlement Dekyiling received His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang at the main gate of Jangchubling Monastery with traditional procession of welcoming ceremony and escorted His Holiness to the main temple of Jangchubling.  

HHreceivingMandalaRight after His Holiness sat on the throne, the Long Life Puja and purifying ceremonies were conducted, headed by the Vajra Master His Emenince Togden Rinpoche, monks and nuns from the Drikung Kagyu Institute and butter tea and auspicious rice were served for all. Thereafter the extensive mandala offering, the seven kinds of precious objects and so on were offered to His Holiness by His Excellency as a sign of reverence and honor of being with us for the sake of Buddha Dharma and requested His Holiness to stay with us long for the welfare of all beings.

HHarrivalatJangchublingIn the end, Holiness gave a short speech stating that “as the Drikung Pa, Lord Jigten Sumgon is known to be the master of the law of nature and interdependence. It is all about our karmic relation, and the collective karma is very important for the longevity of life and health and welfare for all of us”. Holiness thanked His Excellency and all the officials for kindly coming here all the long way from Dharamsala and showing so much concern for the health of the Drikung Kyabgon and he also thanked for the Mandala Offering. 

The Puja lasted until 12pm. Lunch was prepared for His Holiness and the officials in the guest room of Jangcubling Monastery. 

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