Green Day at Samtenling Nunnery

tree01Adelyn Lim from CreatiVision D.C. Group, Malaysia sponsored a tree-planting event at Drikung Kagyu branches at Dehradun. Ms Lim had requested His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang to make 3/3/2013 a Green Day for Drikung Kagyu communities.

tree02With many members of the Drikung Kagyu lineage attending the Long Life Puja for His Holiness the event could be staged at Dehradun only. Kinley Gyaltsen from The Office of His Holiness was the project coordinator.

In the afternoon of March 3, 2013, an Environment Conservation talk was arranged at Drikung Kagyu Samtenling Nunnery. A Brazilian Buddhist nun, Ani Chimi (Angela Harkavy), now living in USA, who was on the UN committee to write the Earth Charter gave a very useful talk on how to keep our environment clean and especially on waste management. The talk was translated by the nun Ani Tenzin Choedon.

tree04tree05Samtenling nuns had prepared a high tea picnic. The retreat nuns were out of retreat, so they were also able to join the event. The teachers were also present. Spring had arrived and the weather had warmed up. It was a joyful occasion.


tree06The members from the Malaysian group distributed gifts and offered to buy plastic containers for the waste management at the nunnery and assist in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for all. Leaflets on environment education were distributed to the nuns too. Flowers and trees were planted and a few nuns volunteered to look after the plants and it was decided that our Malaysian friends would sponsor a workshop for environment conservation next year on March 3, 2014.

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