Celebration of Buddha Jayanti

jay01On the full moon day of May 25, 2013, Buddha Jayanti (Vaishak Purnima) the birthday of the Buddha was celebrated at Jangchubling Monastery. On this day the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment and entered into parinirvana. Therefore, in the history of Buddhism this day is known as the great day of three anniversaries coming together.

jay02At 6 am, the extensive Lama Chöpa Puja was conducted at Jangchubling Monastery. About 80 monks and many devotees from the near by Tibetan Settlement, who had come for the celebration of the great day, took part.

During the puja, the little monks of the Jangchubling monastery performed the prayers of Samantabhadra, Barché Lamsel (extracted from the “The Heart Practice of the Lama”), Heart Sutra and others prayers in a beautiful way. They were dedicated to all our sponsors and donors around the world, and as prayers for all the mother beings to have good health, peace and prosperity.

jay04jay03At 8 am, breakfast was served for all and thereafter a plantation program was conducted around the monastery for the preservation of environment and nature. All the little monks participated in the plantation program by digging holes, watering the plants, replacing the plants. In the meantime some of the little monks helped making the thousands lamp offerings during the whole day.

At 10 am, tea and juice were served for all the guests and devotees who came to participate for the Buddha Jayanti Celebration. At 1 pm, special lunch was served for all the monks of Jangchubling Monastery. In the evening, the long life prayers for both the Drikung Kyabgons were conducted together with the beautiful chanting of the Lamp Offering Prayers at Jangchubling Monastery. The

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