Annual Football Cup at His Holiness’ Birthday

fc01On July 7, 2013, the opening ceremony for His Holiness the 37th Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche’s 67th Birthday Football Tournament was held at the Dekyiling football ground in Dehradun, India.

fc02The atmosphere was wonderful, with many enthusiastic participants and spectators, including as the chief guest the welfare officer of the Dehradun Tibetan Settlement, Thinley Jigme. We were also fortunate to have the presence of the Pradan of the local area, and many other important dignitaries. It was a truly memorable event.

fc04Eleven teams from Dehradun were happy to participate on the joyful occasion of His Holiness’ Birthday. Human beings have a natural instinct to be competitive and often have strong attachment to winning and aversion to losing. The intention for organizing this Football Tournament was to create an opportunity for all participants and spectators to practice the Dharma by not being attached to the outcome of the tournament. Our wish was that everyone should be happy and enjoy each other’s company, without being attached or upset by the outcome.

fc03The tournament lasted six days. All the teams put in great effort, and acted with respect for the other teams. The championship match was played on July 12. This day was extremely auspicious because it was not only the birthday of His Holiness but also the anniversary of the Shakyamuni Buddha’s first “Turning of the Wheel of Dharma” in Saranath, when he taught the Four Noble Truths.

fc05The winner of the tournament was Lingtsang A (Manduwala). The runner up was Tsering Donden (Uma Club). Best Sportsmanship was awarded to the team of Tibetan Homes School of Rajpur. The award of Most Valuable Player went to Tenzin Geleg Sport Club (Dekyling). It should be noted, that this event could not have been possible without the generosity of our sponsor, Yeshe Dorje. Yeshe is a former staff member of the Drikung Labrang Office in Dehradun.

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