The Shravasti Project

shrava01During the Long Life Prayer Ceremony at Jangchubling Monastery, the DKI Teaching Committee proposed and discussed about organizing an annual prayer gathering at a Buddhist pilgrimage place in which all the followers of Drikung Kagyu can participate.

All the members present at the meeting supported this proposal and it was decided to present the plan in a larger meeting where most of the representatives of all the Drikung Kagyu monasteries and centers would be present.

shrava02Soon we after the successful completion of the Long Life Prayer Ceremony on the February 23, 2013, a special meeting of the members of the DKI Teaching Committee and the Long Life Prayer Ceremony Organizing Committee along withe the representatives of Drikung Kagyu monasteries and centers who were present during the Long Life Prayer Ceremony was held. The proposal of organizing an annual prayer gathering of all the Drikung Kagyu followers at a Buddhist pilgrimage place was tabled and discussed intensively. All the participants of the meeting highly appreciated the proposal and it was unanimously adopted and also decided to submit the proposal to His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang for his review and favorable consideration. After going through the proposal, His Holiness has most compassionately accepted and agreed to hold an annual prayer gathering of all the Drikung Kagyu followers all over the world.

It was decided to hold this annual prayer gathering at Shravasti, Uttar Pradesh, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Kosala, where Buddha Shakyamuny spent 24 rainy seasons in the Jetvana Gardens. There the Buddha performed the greatest of his miracles to confound the Tirthika heretics. As an immediate action on March 2, 2013, His Holiness sent two senior staff members to Shravasti to find out a suitable land for sale. At the same time he directed the secretary of DKI to find out the legal way to purchase the land for the project. After consulting with the charter accountant and the legal adviser of DKI and considering the smooth functioning of the project for the long run, it was agreed by all the concerned people that the best option was to buy the land in the name of Drikung Kagyu Institute and also to execute the project by DKI.

dkc saravastiAs the first step towards the actual execution of the project, a special meeting of the Governing Council Members of Drikung Kagyu Institute was held and a resolution was passed to buy a plot of land at Shravasti, Uttar Pradesh State of India.

On April 7, 2013, His Holiness sent three senior staff members of DKI to Shravasti again to finalize the land deal and register the Land Sale and Purchase Deed in the name of Drikung Kagyu Institute.

Soon after the finalization of the land deal, a second special meeting of the Governing Council Members along with the working committee of DKI was held and it was decided in the meeting and resolved that the official name of this project will be called THE SHRAVASTI PROJECT and the official name of the annual prayer gathering will be called GREAT SHRAVASTI PRAYER OFFERINGS. At the meeting, it was suggested that sponsors be found well ahead of the five year period to meet the expenses. Furthermore, it was suggested that all income for the GSPO Program be kept separate.

So far, we have bought a plot of land measuring 6832 sq meters. This was possible through the kind financial help of Mr. D.C. Lim and Mrs. A.D. Lim of Malaysia. We now seek financial support for the second phase of our project, which will be the construction work. Tentatively, the construction work is planned after the groundbreaking ceremony on the October 15, 2013.

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