News from Drikung Kagyu Samtenling Nunnery

nunnery  001Nuns are grouped here and there sitting on the emerald green lawn with mugs of their mid-morning tea in their hands. Some are standing and laughing while the autumn sun brings some warmth to the chilly autumn weather. Bell rings for their next class and the nuns disperse.


We have 65 nuns at present. Six new nuns have joined us this year. A total of twenty three nuns have sponsors of which three nuns from Dolpo, Nepal and one nun from Kinnaur, India are sponsored by Sange Tenzin Rinpoche of Drikung Kagyu. We are looking for sponsors for other nuns.

Six monk teachers, graduates of the Kagyu College are with us and Khenpo Tsultrim Namdhak is the present Headmaster. Two nuns in class eight are taking the revision classes.

We have two English teachers who are both Tibetans and graduates from colleges in USA. They are volunteer teachers and Ms. Tashi Y. Tsarong will soon leave us and we are seeking for another volunteer teacher.

nunnery  003We also have a new Secretary cum Accountant, Ms. Thinlay Chodon join us as the former Secretary is soon leaving for abroad.

We have also elected new officers to run the nunnery for the period from August 2013 to August 2014. Konchok Tsekyi is the new Director, Tenzin Chodon is the Disciplinarian, Sonam Wangmo is the Steward, Kunchok Palmo is the Chant Master and Representative of the monastery section is Lhamo Choedon.

The former Kyo-nyen, in-charges of the temples collected money from butter lamp offerings and donations and with this money we have bought a large water purifier for the nunnery. It is good to note that our nuns contribute towards the budget of the nunnery from our shop, prayer collections and card sales.

Now that the summer semi retreat is over, so is the Commentary of Chakrasamvara given by Lamkhyen Gyalpo Rinpoche at the Kagyu College, and the Sunday Club has begun. For two hours every Sunday there are six nuns in the Computer class, thirteen nuns in the Art class and rest of the nuns are in the classes of Rites and Rituals where they learn torma making, religious music etc. The computer teachers are the Director, Kunchok Tsekyi and nun Kunchok Chokyi, the Art class is directed by Ani Kunchok Dolkar. The rites and rituals are taught by our teachers, Tashi Dorji and Kunchok Tenpa and some of our senior nuns.

nunnery  002We were very happy to have a surprise visit from His Holiness Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche on our early morning, prayer session on 15th October. He said he came to find out how well we were doing our prayers and the rituals. He mentioned that he saw much improvement during the prayer session and he wished the nuns to take up the study of the Kunrig rituals.

Former Lopon and Drupon of Ladakh Sharchu Gon Monastery, Ghen Tenzin has kindly accepted to come and teach the nuns the Kunrig prayers with the various hand movements at the end of this month.

Dupon Sonam Kunga, who was very ill during this summer, is back from Ladakh and the nuns in the Retreat Section are very happy to have him here.

The nuns here sending their prayers for the well being of all sentient beings and thanks all our sponsors for remembering us.


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