His Holiness visits Nepal

dkc nepalOn 1st of November, 2013, His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang arrived at Rinchenling Monastery, at Nayapati, in Nepal.

On the 2nd November His Holiness attended the Chakrasamvara Drubchen in the main temple with sand mandala, monks from India and Nepal, there were more than hundred monks. Many senior monks, Omze came from Ladakh,

and did the traditional way of chanting the puja.

dkc nepal2On second floor of the temple most Ven. Khenchen Konchok Gyaltsen lead the puja for all foreigners and also gave teachings. There were around 80 foreigners who participated for the Drubchen. At the third floor of the temple, in the presence of five feet three-dimensional Chakrasamvara Mandala made in wooden, copper gold plated mixed with silver design. The Lapchi Drupon Dondup Palden lead the Chakrasamvara Drubchen for around 30 yogis.

On 3rd and 4th of November His Holiness gave the Empowerment of Chakrasamvara for all the people at the main temple who were attending the Chakrasamvara Drubchen.

On 6th of November at 10 am, Drikung Kyabgon enthroned Drikung Dongsar Monastery’s Rinpoche who was recognized as the reincarnation of Gelong Palsang by both His Holiness'. At the same time His Holiness enthroned two Drupons, Gelong Konchog Jampal as a Drupon of Lapchi retreat center, and Gelong Konchog Samdrup as a Drupon of Tatopani Three Years Retreat Center in Nepal. His Holiness also enthroned Gelong Dawa Dondup as a Vajra Master of the Drikung Kagyu Om Center in Singapore.

On 7th November, His Holiness visited Boudhanath Stupa, where there were hundreds of people gathered to see Holiness. H.H. and monks and nuns, and all the followers joined together for wonderful world peace prayers at the Boudha Stupa.

On 8th November, at the end of Dechog Drupchen, His Holiness lead all yogis together early moring for the fire puja. In the afternoon H.H. with all the monks and nuns in a grand procession brought the sand mandala towards the spring water near the monastery.

dkc nepal3On 9th November, at 10 am His Holiness gave the Phowa teaching and transmission, there were thousands of people around Kathmandu gathered, fully filled the Rinchenling ground for this special teachings and transmission. After Lunch at 2:00 pm H.H. gave the Long Life Empowerment of Machig Drubpi Gyalmo lineage tradition for all the people which lasted until 5:00pm.

On 10th of November, in the main temple the H.H. gave novice bow for 120 monks both from Rinchenling and Rinchenpalri. After lunch H.H. also gave full-monk ordination for 24 monks.

On 11th November, early morning His Holiness gave Five Fold of Mahamudhra Empowerment preparation, and gave an empowerment for three Rinpoche who came from Tibet. After breakfast all the monks and nuns offered the Vajra King Long Life prayer, during that time Limi Welfare Association also made Mandala offering to Holiness.

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