Go Green & Go Organic

organic-farm--go-organicGo Green & Go Organic is an aspiration of His Holiness the 37th Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang for a long time as one of his main project to benefit the people and other living beings on this planet. Holiness main idea was to create an environment for an organic and greenery for the world, which is the most basic needs of all living beings. Holiness said these days we have high-tech, and science and technology have reached to the submit of its development, but our basic needs were

ignored. Holiness always said that we can live without technology, but we cannot live without the mother nature. So, Holiness says first comes the nature and then the technology on the second place. Holiness always emphasise on how to live friendly with the nature.

hhgogreengoorganicHis Holiness has many project related to the nature and environment preservation. One of his program will inaugurate on 28th April 2014 at Jangthang area in Ladakh, particularly by the river bank of Shayok area, planting trees for over 100km down to the south. There will be many different plants and trees especially the Sea Buck Thorn, and from this make a source of income for the local people who are poor and really need to bring up their living life condition, their health and education for their children. Holiness also have three years plan for commercial green house at Ladakh Phyang, and also one another project at Da-Hanu (Aryan) planting grapes, peach and cherry trees and so on. In last January councilor of Jangthang, Ladak most respected Mr. Namgyal Durbuk came down to Dehradun and stay for one month to discuss and update the plantation project in Jangthang with His Holiness.

On 25th of April Holiness and his entourage will visit Jangthang, Ladhak to implement the green project. All the people who were interested may also join for the program, and let us pray for the benefit of all living beings.

Bhavatu Sarvamangalam.

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