His Holiness visits the Boltic States

H.H. n Nupa RinBeing invited by the Drikung Sanghas in Latvia, His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang has visited Riga, the capital of Latvia, on June 25th 2014. H.H. with most Ven. Nupa Rinpochey and the entourage were received at the airport by all the Sangha members of the three centres, Drikung Jamtseling, Riga Drikung Ngaden Choling, and the Tibetan Meditation & Healing Centre Sorig of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage in Latvia.


After the arrival, a dinner reception was hosted by all the members of the Latvian Sanghas, who performed devotional songs and music, including a welcoming song for His Holiness, to thank him for kindly visiting and blessing the Baltic States.

H.H. was very happy to see all the Latvian Sanghas being together and having good time. He gave a wonderful speech to all the Sanghas emphasising the importance of keeping our good heart and happy life.

On the morning of 26th H.H. together with most ven. Nupa Rinpochey performed the Naga puja at the Drikung Jamtseling Centre, and after lunch, H.H. performed the Guru Yoga puja and gave general teachings on Buddhism to the general public, mainly focusing on Heart Sutra. There also was a question & answer session for the audience.

On 27th H.H. visited to the Riga Drikung Ngaden Choling and gave general teachings on Buddhism also including a question & answer session with the audience.

After the teaching, H.H. together with most ven. Nupa Rinpoche met with all the Sangha members of the Latvian Drikung Kagyu Centres and discussed how to bring about a good relationship and Buddhist practice among the Drikung Kagyu Sanghas, and also how to live happily and harmoniously with the other religious traditions in Latvia. All the Sangha members had come up with wonderful ideas and Holiness said that it is a good sign that we are slowly growing now, and that sooner or later the Drikung Kagyu in Latvia will bring more peace and happiness for the Baltic States and for world.

On 28th H.H. visited the Tibetan Meditation & Healing Centre Sorig in Latvia to inaugurate the stupa at the beautiful outskirts of the Riga city. His Holiness was received on the stupa premises by the Vajra Dancers with a wonderful performance and then escorted all the way to the Chorten. H.H. first performed the cleansing ceremony, then the consecration of the stupa, and thereafter auspicious prayers and the stabilisation puja for the stupa.

After lunch, there were wonderful songs and dances of the Lativian culture, a drama on Milarepa's  Life story, and an Achi performance to celebrate the completion of the stupa. His Holiness was overjoyed by this successful completion of the stupa and conveys many good wishes for all the people who support the noble activities. On 29th H.H. and entourage left for India



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