Go Green & Go Organic Phase II

Under the supervision of H.H. the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang, Phase II for the Go Green & Go Organic program was successfully accomplished in Sarchukhul and Shayok, Jangthang area of Ladakh from 11th August to 15th August 2014. His Holiness along with the honorable guests Rigzin Jora, esteemed Rigzin Spalbar the Councillor of the Ladakh, esteemed Namgyal Durbok, the councillor of the Jangthang,

the Executive Director of the Mountain Institute, Washington, DC, Dr. Andrew Taber, D. Phil, and Dr. Lhakpa Sherpa, member of The Mountain Institute Nepal, Dr. Ghyanshyam Sharma, member of The Mountain Institute Sikkim and all the people around the area were all present during Phase II the program.

On 13th August, after the welcoming performance was done by the local people, Namgyal Durbok gave a welcoming and introductory speech on the Go Green & Go Organic project. He read the reports and all. 

Dr. Sharma and Dr. Lhakpa Sherpa gave their valuable speeches sharing their good experiences with the people of the mountain areas, and they showed their interest in supporting the Go Green & Go Organic project of His Holiness in Ladakh. Thereafter, the executive director of The Mountain Institute Dr. Andrew Taber shared his knowledge about the values of the mountains people and his long time experiences of working with them around the world especially in South America. He also showed much enthusiasm in his support for the Go Green & Go Organic project, and the far-sighted vision of His Holiness for the welfare of the people and all living beings. 

On behalf of the Government of Jammu & Kashmir, the honourable Rigzin Jora offered an award to His Holiness in recognition of his noble activities and  important social work for the mountain people, especially for the Go Green & Go Organic project. Esteemed Rigzin Spalbar also stated that with the blessing of His Holiness all these virtuous activities are happening now, and we are all fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher as well as the social service. He thanked His Holiness for these noble activities and added that  these will serve us all from generation to generation in the future. 

In the end His Holiness gave a concluding speech stating that he has been working for Buddhism and the monastic community, for almost forty years, building temples and renovating the monasteries of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage in every part of the world. Now he will focus his life mainly on social service, especially in remote and mountainous regions working for people and animals, where help and support are more needed. His Holiness also advised all the monks and nuns should spend one third of our lives in the practice of social service, and that they should spend two thirds of their lives studying and practicing in monastic schools or in meditation retreat, and thereafter one third of their lives should be engaged in social service. Therefore, His Holiness came up with the idea for the Go Green & Go Organic project, as he is almost 70 now, and he promised to do social service for another ten years. He said that he would like to request all the people to join him in this project. After lunch there were cultural dances and performances by the people of different villages of the Jangthang area.


On 14th August, H.H. accompanied by all the distinguished guests visited the Shayok area to observe the seabuck thorn plantation works and water channels for irrigation. On the way they also observed thousands of trees planted during Phase I of Go Green & Go Organic program.

 On 15th August, H.H. with Dr. Andrew Taber, Dr. Ghyanshyam Sharma, Dr. Lhakpa Sherpa and all went to observe the Tharuk plantation program and also did some plantation work with all the people there. After lunch, H.H. with the whole team visited the plantation project of the Joltak Village, Pholong Ley village, Chilam Village, Yerat and Kargyam Village. His Holiness and the team were received with a warm welcome by all the villagers, and His Holiness was happy to see the growth of the plantation.

Thereafter H.H. and the team went to Pangkong Lake for one night's stay.

On 16th H.H. and the team returned to Leh, on the way meeting with the nomadic people and interacting with them about their life style and all.

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