His Holiness visits lower region of Ladakh

His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang visited Skyurbuchan on 17th July 2014. There His Holiness and entourage were welcomed by the government officials and the people of the village.

The people were dressed in their finest costumes and jewels and they made an offering of songs, dances. The Councillor and prominent members of the village also made Mandala offering to His Holiness. 


Thereafter His Holiness travelled to the Aryan Valley and stopped for two nights in Biamah. 

His Holiness  paid a visit to a school which was funded by him and spoke to the staff and students, and blessed them.  The children performed a cultural show. His Holiness and the sponsor did the inspection of the girl’s hostel which is still going under the construction. The next day His Holiness and entourage visited to Kukshow, Tagmachik , Tismosgang, Wanla. His Holiness also visited three of the most remote villages Tar, Pacharki and Urbis where there is no motorable road, so His Holiness and the entourage had to walk or ride on horses and dzo for five to six hours. It was His Holiness first visit to Tar and the villagers were very happy. At each stop His Holiness consecrated new chapels, stupas and blessed the people and the land. He also gave Teachings on the Buddha Dharma, and shared knowledge on health and environmental conservation. At Tar he gave the Phowa empowerment and transmission on the request of the villagers. 

On 31st July which coincides with the 4th day of the 6th Tibetan month, a holy day for the Buddhists, he attended the last day of the Chakrasamvara prayers in the morning, and in the afternoon he attended his 68th birthday celebrations with the people of Lamayuru. After the celebration, His Holiness left for Bodkharbhu, where he spent the next two nights. There His Holiness also visited to the old Sang-nga Choelling monastery at Yokmal and Kunrig monastery which is also known as Mundik. On 2nd August 2014, His Holiness returned to Phyang Monastery,  stopping at Anesku, also known Henesku Village for lunch where he gave a talk and blessing to the villagers. 

At each village the people poured out in their finest apparel and jewels and performed traditional songs and dances. It was very special to see a dance performance by senior students of a school at Lamayuru, where they showed the lifestyle of a villager which His Holiness liked very much, and he told them that a museum of old agricultural tools and crafts with their names should be displayed. 

The sponsors of each village looked after the stay of the entourage with much care and kindness. The owner of the Apricot Tree Hotel was very kind to invite the group for a night stay. It was a beautiful hotel on the side of the Indus River. On the way His Holiness consecrated places, blessed each and every villager and gave talks on dharma and health. The monastery in Wanla, considered to be one of the oldest in Tibet and the Himalayas was restored and renovated by Achi Association in Europe had done a fine job and the work was very much appreciated by everyone.


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