His Holiness in Bhutan 2014

Warmly invited by Her Majesty Ashi Kelsang Choedon Wangchuk, the Royal Grand Mother of Bhutan, His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang visited Bhutan for ten days from 21st of September 2014. His Holiness and entourage were received by the most honourable Lyenpo Paljor Dorji, Dr. Kinzang and protocol officers of Bhutan at Paro airport, and accompanied towards Thimphu, the capital.


 At Thimphu His Holiness was well received by Dasho Tobgyal Dorji, Dasho Kalden Dorji, Ashi Khandom, Chuki Om and all the family members.

On 22nd September, His Holiness was joined by honourable Lyenpo Paljor Dorji for breakfast, and thereafter H.H. made a private visit to see his aunt Ani Tess La at Langchuphakha, and spent light agreeable moments with her. At 12 pm H.H. had lunch with Her majesty Ashi Kelsang Choedon Wangchuk at the palace, and had a pleasant time with Her Majesty. Most honourable Lyenpo Paljor Dorji, Ani Tess La, most Ven. Rigyal Rinpoche and Chuki Om Dorji were also present. 

On 23rd September, His Holiness and entourage left for Phobjikha. On the way they visited  the temple at Dorchula and had tea there. His Holiness was joined by most Ven. Rigyal Rinpoche, most Ven. Choze Kuchen Rinpoche, most Ven. Dzong Trul Rinpoche, protocol officers and some others. His Holiness and entourage had lunch at Chuzom Sa at Sha, and then headed towards Phobjikha where they stayed the night. 

Next morning on 24th September, His Holiness visited Nailung Daichaling Lhakhang which Queen Mother has gifted to His Eminence Khentse Yangse Rinpoche. Thereafter as a guest of His Eminence Gangtey Trulku Rinpoche, H.H. and entourage visited Gangtey Gompa, where H.E. Gantey Trulku and the monks received H.H. With a traditional procession at the Monastery, and tea was offered there.

H.H. also visited and blessed all the temples of the Gompa. H.E. Gangtey Trulku requested His Holiness to visit again and asked him to bestow the important Peling Empowerment which has been lost in the Peling tradition, but still exists as a treasure of the Drikung Damngak Dzod. His Holiness promised to visit again and also to give the empowerment. He then left for Trongsa. 

H.H. and entourage arrived at Trongsa Dzong around 3 pm, where H.H. was received by Lama Karma, the Dasho Dzongdak (DM), Dasho Drangpon (the Judge) and all the officials of  Trongsa district. H.H. visited the Demchok Lhakhang inside the Dzong and the palace of His Majesty Jigme Wangchuk, the Second King of Bhutan. There H.H. and his entourage were served with butter tea and fried rice by the officials.

In the evening at around 6pm H.H. And entourage arrived at Bumthang, a sacred spot blessed by Guru Padmasambhava in 8th century CE. There H.H. was received by Lam Neten of Bumthang Dzong, Dasho Dzongdak (DM) Dasho Drangpon ( the Judge) and officials of Bumthang district.
On 25th, in the morning H.H. visited the three sacred sites, Kurje Lhakhang, the holy water spring of Guru Rinpoche, the beautiful Zangdo Palri Lhakhang which was built by Her Majesty the Royal Grand Mother of Bhutan. 
His Holiness was very happy to see all these wonderful Lhakhangs and temples which still exist in Bhutan.
H.H. offered a silk khatak scarf to Guru Rinpoche and made prayers at the temples. He thanked Her Majesty for restoring and renovating the old temples, and building new ones and so on. Following that, H.H. also visited Jamphel Lhakhang which was built by Emperor Songtsen Gampo, and the Tamshing Lhakhang built by the Lord Pema Lingpa. 
After lunch, H.H. and entourage left for Sumtrang Ura, the seat of the Nyo Gyalwa Lhanangpa (1164-1224) one of Lord Jigten Sumgon's direct disciples, who arrived in Bhutan in the 12th century.
There H.H. was received by most Rev. Lam Jamtso and officials and the people of the Ura region with a traditional procession and all. Next day early morning H.H. and entourage visited the remains of the retreat caves at the mountain top of Sumtrang. 
After lunch, H.H. gave the Avalokiteshvara Empowerment to almost two thousand people who had gathered at Sumtrang for the transmission. At the end, the most Rev. Lam Jamtso and his family made a mandala offering for His Holiness for kindly visiting Sumtrang Ura and for blessing the ancient Drigung site with his teachings and empowerment. He requested  H.H. to visit again and again as this is the only Drikung Kagyu Monastery in Bhutan. 
 On 27th September, His Holiness visited a temple in the lower part of the Ura Valley and gave blessings to the people there. He then flew back to Paro where H.H. and entourage were received by some of the protocol officers at Paro and escorted towards Paro Dumranang for a rest. 
On the 28th September, H.E. Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche invited H.H. to visit his residence at Paro Kyichu. They had lunch together, and then visited the Kyichu Lhakhang, another of the temples built by Emperor Songtsen Gampo. 
On 29th, H.H. had lunch with Her Majesty the Royal Grand Mother and visited Tachok Gompa and the Iron Bridge built by Drupthob Thangthong Gyalpo in the 14th century. On 30th, H.H. and entourage visited Ha, Paro, the birthplace of one of His Holiness's grandparents. 
On 1st Oct 2014, H.H. and entourage flew to Kathmandu, Nepal.
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