Ice Stupa Project launch in Jammu

Upon the invitation by the University of Jammu for a conference on the environment in the mountains, His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang together with Mr. Sonam Wangchuck, an engineer, visited on the 13th of October, 2014. His Holiness was also invited by the Ladakhi Students Union in Jammu & Kashmir to give teachings and blessings. On his way H.H. visited the students and gave blessings and wonderful advice to them, saying that they should not waste their precious time since they came from a very far and remote place, but instead keep their good health and diligently work on their studies to have a better future.


Holiness said that a lot of the young people in universities and colleges are becoming victims of drugs and bad habits. It is necessary that they think about how far they have come in order to be able study, about their home land and their family at home.  Therefore they need to avoid drugs and bad habits. His Holiness also said that nowadays we are facing a lot of problems in our environment and natural surroundings, and that we have produced a lot of pollution and gases which deplete the ozone layer.  Therefore we need to keep preservation of the environment in our minds and keep our surrounding clean in order to keep our health.

Afterwards His Holiness visited the Jammu University campus and met the Honorable Govenor of Jammu & Kashmir, offering him a Khata as a sign of greeting and welcoming. H.H. together with the Hororable Govenor opened the events by cutting ribbons and lighting up the lamp on the main stage. After the welcoming and introductory speech, some of the experts on the stage gave a presentation on the importance of the preservation of mountain regions.

Thereafter His Holiness and the govenor launched the Ice Stupa Project with a presentation of a documentary on the Ice Stupa called "The Monk, the Engineer, and the Artificial Glaciers." This was followed by a speech about the Ice Stupa Project by His Holiness, where he explained why he established this project as a part of his Go Green & Go Organic project. Holiness explained that this will help to solve the water problem in Ladakh, and could become a model for the Himalayan regions and other high altitude areas around the world. In conclusion the govenor gave a speech talking about the importance and preservation of the mountains regions and promised to support the mountains regions and people. He also stated that the Ice Stupa project is a wonderful project which could solve the water problems for the people in the mountain regions, and thanked His Holiness for taking such important initiatives for the welfare of the people in the mountain regions. 

In the second session, Mr. Sonam Wangchuk gave a speech on how the Ice Stupa was invented and explained the basic engineering concepts and formation of the Ice Stupa, and its benefits for farming and the vegetation. 

In the evening His Holiness flew back to Delhi.

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