News From D.K. Samtenling Nunnery

For the second year Ani Tsekyi and Ani Chokyi attended computer classes for about six weeks in Dharamsala and it is wonderful that they are now teaching six other nuns computer application at the Nunnery.  They have also started work on a Drikung Kagyu Samtenling Nunnery publication to be published annually. This publication will have articles and poetries by the nuns. Ani Sonam also went to Dharamsala for about six weeks to undertake English language courses. We thank Khenmo Drolma of Vajra Dakini Nunnery, USA for sponsoring these nuns for their stay and studies in Dharamsala this summer.

Ani Namgyal Chonzom went to assist Khenmo Drolma in Bristol, USA at the Vajra Dakini Nunnery during the summer vacation, and Khenmo Drolma has invited her back again for next summer as Ani Namgyal Chonzom was very helpful there. She also taught some prayers and rituals at the Center.

Recent news is that the nuns wanted to be on Facebook. We have opened a FB account and Ani Sherab Dolma is assisting Ani Yeshi and Ani Jinpa Sangmo to work on the FB. Moreover, they felt that we need to teach a nun how to take photos so that we need not run here and there to find people to take photos on important events at the nunnery. Nuns were requested to take photos, sent them to the office and a selection of the best two will be made on December 1st.

We have 65 Nuns at Samtenling now and 5 nuns from the Ladakh Nun’s Project, Leh will join us next year.  Their fees will be paid by the Project.  We look forward to having them here at Samtenling.

When His Holiness Kyabgon Chetsang was in Dehra Dun in October, the nuns at Samtenling invited him to attend a session of the Kunrig prayers they were studying under Drupon Tenzin from Sharchugon Monastery of Ladakh Jangthang. 

His Holiness was very happy to see the good works of the teacher and students and he thought it would be a good idea if some nuns went to perform the Kunrig prayers for the dead, where there is a special ceremony for the demised people in South East Asia. We are planning on such a trip.

The nuns served an excellent lunch in the sun during this short break between His Holiness’s busy schedules and he enjoyed the occasion as much as the nuns were extremely happy.

It has been ten years our jeep has beverage from the market, taken garbage for recycling in town. It has now worn out with wear and tear. Thanks to our driver Rakesh, the condition of the vehicle could be worse, but it is still going with repairs here and there and we will continue to use this jeep to haul items.samtenling

We are most grateful to an anonymous sponser, who has send funds to buy a new jeep. The Director of the Nunnery, the Secretary and Rakesh went to select and bought the new vehicle to the Nunnery last evening. There was much excitement this morning to see this brand new jeep. Our many thanks are conveyed to the kind sponser and the nuns are having a prayer for her/him tomorrow as an appreciation of thanks. We wish the best of health, happiness and joy to the kind person and thank you very, very much.

Staff and nuns of DK Samtenling, Nunnery.

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