News From Kagyu College

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters,

First of all, we, the staff and students of Kagyu College would like to convey our heartily greetings and good wishes to every one of you who lives around the world.

We would like to share some news from Kagyu College as usual. During the summer vacation many of our students and staff members attended the Kalachakra empowerment and teachings which was conferred by His Holiness the 14th Dalia Lama at Ladakh. Also many students went to other Institutes to learn their philosophical views, which was organized and financially supported by Khenpo Konchok Choskyab.


This year, four students were graduated from our Kagyu College and as by request from other Institutes these new graduates were sent to different places to teach as below: Lobpon Dawa Tenzin sent to Samten Ling Nunerry,Lobpon Tenzin Phunstok sent to Bumang Jampaling monastery in Bir (H.P.) Lobpon Thinlay Phuntsok has been teaching at Kagyu College and Lobpon Konchok Tsewang has been serving as a discipliner at Jangchub Ling monastery.

All our Khenpos and teachers were very proud that many of our students are getting graduated every year and being able to bring benefit to others through their knowledge.  This year we also admitted seventeen new monks to Kagyu College who came from different locations.

This year, the summer retreat was led by Khenpo Konchok Choskyab, the assistant principal of the Kagyu College. After the summer retreat every monk and nun  offered Dharma talks, debates and many of them read out their beautiful poems. As usual we selected first, second and third positions and Konchok Sherab, who is studying in upper six class won the first position in Dharma speech, upper second class won a first position in debate and Samten Angmo from nunnery won the first position in poem writing skill. All those students who won first positions had a great opportunity to present their Dharma speech etc in front of His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon during the annual programme which was recently held at kagyu College. This year we didn’t have a summer picnic due to passing away of mother of His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang. We felt the great loss of his mother but nevertheless we did lots of prayers for her for the forty nine days.

Recently we invited His Holiness The Drikung Kyabgon to Kagyu College to lead the annual programmes. He was so kind to give the certificates to those monks and nuns students who won first, second and third positions in their examinations of 2014.

He also kindly gave the appreciation certificate to our English teacher, madam Asha Tawari, who has been teaching at our College voluntarily since 2006. At the End of the annual programme, His Holiness gave a very meaningful speech to the staff and students of the Drikung Kagyu Institute and its branches. He also talked about his noble projects such as Go Green Go Organic and Ice Stupa project etc.

Recently we had a Tibetan hand writing competition which was sponsored by the principal of Kagyu College Khenpo KonchokRangdol. Around sixty monks from the College entered the competition and the student Konchok Nyima who studying in upper six class won first position and he also received a blessing from His Holiness.

Our monthly programmes, such as seminars on every full moon and big gathering debates on every new moon are going on continuously.

Our editing committees have been working very hard and they have already published several books which includes all the articles of the monthly seminar and etc.

Recently we had very important visitors at Kagyu College namely Mr. Rigzin Spalbar the Chief Executive Councillor of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh. Within few days the president of Ladakh Buddhist Association Mr. Tsewang Thinles also visited to Kagyu College.  They were warmly welcome and received by the Principle of the College and some staff members. They were very impressed by the College activities and the beautiful environment.

Most Ven. Master Ti-Ching Fa Shi the great sponsor of our College also visited to Kagyu College with his Dharma students and he was warmly welcome and received by the staff and students of the Kagyu College. We were very happy that  Master Ti-Ching Fa Shi visited at College and he told us that he will visit again and again. During the tea party the principle of Kagyu College Khenpo Rangdol gave a welcome speech and he explained briefly about the College curriculum activities.

As usual recently we had an annual meeting with all our staff members of Kagyu College and it's branch Drikung Kagyu Samtenling nunnery. We had very meaningful talks about how to improve the education skills and the administrations. We got some important views from the represented of the Students.

Lastly, we would like to send our best wishes and prayers to everyone of you and especially to our dearest sponsors.

With lots of prayers,

Managing Committee of Kagyu College

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