Inauguration of Ice Stupa in Ladakh

冰塔开光60His Holiness has inaugurated the Ice Stupa which was successfully accomplished on 5th march with a wonderful celebration with the people at Phayang village, Leh Ladakh. His Holiness was joined by the official dignitaries of Leh, and people from other parts of Ladakh. The inauguration was celebrated with cultural dance and singing performances from different parts of Ladakh.

abc7After the formal inauguration H.H. and all the people joined for the plantation program, in which they have planted 5000 trees on that desert area.

冰塔开光61During the speech H.H. said that the engineer has suggested that the future potential in Phyang village is for 80 to 90 stupas, each holding roughly 10 million litres of water, which would be sufficient to green the entire desert of Phyang (1,500 Acres) using modern techniques like drip irrigation. Talking of finances he said that the project was financed by crowd-funding with donations coming from individuals from around the world and finally raising USD 125,000. This amount he said was not for just this year but for the infrastructure for the overall project that could last decades and hundreds of years for greening the area.

冰塔开光100H.H. added that Buddhism preached working for the betterment of this life as well as the future lives and therefore it is only natural for us to work for the improvement of lives of people, animal and plants in need. He said that projects like Ice Stupa will bring a good fortune not just for a person or a village but for the whole of Ladakh in combating serious issues like climate change, and also become an example for the place which has similar condition as Ladakh. His Holiness thanked all the individuals, organisations and agencies that helped with the project.

Finally HH distributed certificates to the young volunteers who made the Ice Stupa pilot project successful and dedicated the Ice Stupa for the welfare of all the people, animals and plants.



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