Recent Activities in Ladakh

IMG 6381 copyHis Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang gave a teachings on the Six Syllables of Arya Awaloketshwara, the Lord of Compassion on 12th March 2015 at Jokhang, Leh, Ladakh. 

Holiness ascribed that the syllable Om has a meaning for virtuous and auspicious, and more over the word Om has three syllables Ah, Ou and Ma, which is the essence of Thousand Buddhas of past, present and future. 

It has many meanings in terms of colors and so forth, but holiness said that the second syllable "Mani" means jewel, which also means that if we have the heart of loving kindness and compassion we will fulfil the wishes of sentient beings. Therefore if we pray to Awaloketeshwara we will be able to accomplish or fulfil the wishes of all beings.

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The word Padma means lotus which is born in mud. Though the lotus is grown in mud, but it is free from stain and it blossoms beautifully. Which also means that our innate buddha nature is pure. The word Buddha means awakened or purified, purified from defilements from beginningless time. Though the Buddha nature is pure, but it was defile by ignorance so we cannot see the true nature of our mind. Because of not knowing this nature we sentient beings are always in suffering. Therefore it is very important to know the causes and condition of suffering and also the buddha nature of our mind.

imgWhen chanting the mantra of Awaloketeshwara it is good to have crystal mala (rosary) which is more beneficial as stated by some of great teacher of the past. In the end Holiness leaded the prayers of Samantabadhra and it was successfully accomplished.

As invited by the Lhaksam Association His Holiness visited Stok Village on 13th March 2015, and consecrated the newly build the huge Buddha Statue. After the consecration H.H. was invited into the main shrine and the people of that village offered a mandala offering to His Holiness for kindly visiting and blessing the statue. There His Holiness gave teachings on the Four Training of Mind and valuable advices. At the same time H.H. also gave teachings and emphasised on loving kindness and compassion, and we should always practise on it. Finally H.H. advised youngster to improve their education and knowledge for the benefit in their near future for themselves and all.

IMG 6410 copyAs requested by most Ven. Jampa Rinpoche and some disciples from Taiwan Buddhist Association His Holiness conferred great Drikung Phowa  for thousands of people at Jokhang, Leh, Ladakh on 14th March 2015. The people from all parts of Ladakh gathered and Holiness conferred the Phowa transmission to all by giving brief back ground of the Phowa transmission, and how it has been handed down until now. Holiness said this Phowa transmission was first received by Guru Padmasambhava from the Buddha Amitabha, and then offered to the Minister Nima. Then it was later revealed from the treasure by the Nidha Sangay who is one of the manifestation of Minister Nima, and now it is still existing in the treasure of Drikung Kagyu Lineage. After the Phowa Transmission H.H. gave long life empowerment of Machig Drupi Gyalmo, which was brought to tibet from India by the Rechungpa, the heart disciple of Milarepa. His Holiness also explains the important and benefits of transmission and empowerment and so on.

IMG 6510 copyOn 17th march around 8 am, His Holiness also visited the construction site of Drikung Dharma foundation, then drove along the Indus River towards the Takmachik villege. There His Holiness launched the Eco Modle Village in Takmachik" hosted by the Ladakh Autonomous Region. As a chief guest, Holiness blessed the village with the name of "organic village", then introduced the importance and the necessity of organic & environmental protection in the earth and his organic projects in the future. His Holiness also shared lunch with the people, and returned to Phyang Monastery.
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Though it was getting darker and darker, but the DD television reporters who came from Delhi, managed to get an opportunity to interview H.H. and Ice Stupa topic.

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