HH Inaugurates Mani Temple

H.H. in Limi 2015 1On 12th April, 2015, His Holiness was invited as chief guest for the inauguration and opening ceremony of the newly built Million Mani Temple of the Limi Association in Kathmandu, Nepal. A representative and officers of the Government of Nepal, representatives of the Communist Party, representatives from the Tibet Bureau, and many other officials and dignitaries were present. 

After speeches made by distinguished guests and officers, His Holiness gave a talk on the importance of religion and culture. He said that everyone should know the origins of their own people and culture. He explained for example that when Tibetans talk about Tagzig most think it is somewhere in Iran, and people have even tried to go there to find it.

H.H. in Limi 2015 10

But in His Holiness's view, if one looks carefully into history and geography, one might discover that the Himalayan region, and especially what is known today as Humla, may have been part of Tagzig since ca 600 BCE. Indeed, Simikot, the capital of Humla, may be considered as an excellent reference with regard to early Tibet. The people from Humla still maintain their valuable ancient culture and His Holiness rejoices in its preservation right down to the present day. He requested all to strive and pass it on to the future generations, saying, “At present you have bought the land and built the Mani Dungdrup Temple in order to preserve our religion and culture. I appreciate this noble endeavor, which shall be of benefit to all. These days many children have to go a long way to school, and to cities to carry out further studies. Some develop very good knowledge, and I rejoice in their achievements. But it is vital to study one's own language and culture. Some go to foreign countries after high school just to make money, and this is sad. In the history of Limi there have been a number of prominent scholars, and more in neighboring Ngari, Western Tibet. For example, Ngari Panchen Konchok Lhundup, who was a great scholar during the time of the Fifth Dalai Lama. We need to follow in their footsteps."

H.H. in Limi 2015 2"Nowadays, there are many opportunities for higher education in different fields of modern study, right up to PhD or doctorate level. These are of great benefit for all, and there are increasing numbers of research students from Bhutan and Ladakh. Therefore youngsters should think not only in the short term, just trying to make money and missing good opportunities. They should develop a far-sighted vision and aim to participate on the international arena. Through this arena they will be able to benefit their own people, and others too. Therefore    it is crucial that parents send their children to school to get a good education."

“The sacred land of Limi has played an important role over the last 800 years in the history of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage. Furthermore, the great 11th CE Tibetan translator, Lotsawa Rinchen Zangpo, built 108 temples all over Ladakh and Western Tibet, including Limi and so on. Therefore we should contact skilled technicians to set this up, andthe government may provide help for this, too.H.H. in Limi 2015 8

It is also very important to take care of one's health and that of one's family. Nowadays, there are many kinds of factory-made juices and drinks available, but one must be aware of the dates of manufacture and expiry, otherwise dangerous sickness and disease may follow. Or, as with fresh milk, once the pack is opened, it must be consumed within two days or three days, otherwise this too may cause sickness, due to the industrial manufacturing process. 

His Holiness ended his talk by saying, "I take this opportunity to make an announcement. This year from 3rd to 8th November 2015, we will hold the Great Shravasti Prayer, at Shravasti in India. The same opportunities for lay people and ordained monks and nuns to receive the teachings shall be provided. This will be done cooperatively between the Drikung Kagyu Institute and other organizations, and we are especially inviting people from Bhutan, Nepal and the Himalayan region. On that occasion, in accord with previous correspondence, it would be wonderful if the Limi people could participate in the program since their cultural performances are of a high standard. We shall also train youths to take charge of security. Thus we shall take care of organizing the events, but whoever comes to take part in the various functions is most welcome. Mr. Sonam (Limi Sonam) will act as coordinator for the Limi people, and as this is international function, we shall need people who can communicate in English."

His Holiness ended his talk by saying “I am happy today to see that The Limi Society has been able to create a temple where all people can meet and eat together and take part in activities for the noble Dharma. We shall   support the Limi Society,  I inform all the Rinpoches and Trulkus to kindly support the Limi Society. Finally, I pray for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. May all bodhisattvas have long life, and may all sentient being dwell in peace."H.H. in Limi 2015 6

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