Dharma Activities in Switzerland 2015

image-6Immediately following the Lapchi Pilgrimage, on 10 April, His Holiness flew down to Kathmandu and then to Delhi, and a few days later on to Zurich in Switzerland. He was accompanied by Tritsab Gyabra Rinpoche, whilst Nyidzong Trichen Rinpoche had flown on ahead to prepare for his arrival.

On the evening of 16 April, in Winterthur, a book launch was held for the second revised English edition of His Holiness's magnum opus, A History of the Tibetan Empire. Around forty people attended and His Holiness gave a most interesting conference on the early history of Tibet. This was translated into both English and German. A question and answer session followed.

nyiOn 19 April, His Holiness gave a Phowa transmission, a Tara initiation and a Long Life Ritual and  Prayers. This was held in a superb wooden building near Zurich. Around 500 people attended and several individuals mentioned how especially wonderful the teachings and transmissions were on that day. Indeed two little Taras, one from Mongolia and the other from Tibet, stayed quietly at the front during the whole session.

swOn 20 April, a visit was organised to Padma Inc., a research institute for Tibetan Medicine founded over thirty years ago, near Zurich, by Professor Lutz, who had first heard of Tibetan medicine in 1954. For many years now, Padma Inc. has been producing a few medicines that are accepted within the norms of international pharmaceutical regulations, such as Padma 28.

His Holiness and entourage were invited to inspect the factory where the capsules for a number of different Tibetan medicines are prepared and packaged using the latest technology and machinery. Meanwhile, His Holiness visited the Drikung Kagyu Dorje Ling Centre in Frauenfeld, run by Lama Kunsang. He also visited Nyidzong Trichen Rinpoche's family, and spent some time relaxing with members of his own family and friends, taking time off to visit a superb Swiss Garden Centre nearby.sw10

The entire programme, with the various events, meetings and Dharma transmissions was very well  organised  by Nyidzong Trichen Rinpoche and supported by  Drikung Kagyu Dorji Ling Centre ( Drupon Kunsang) , Natationalstrasse, 14 Kreuzlingen 8280, Switzerland.

On 21 April, His Holiness flew with Nyidzong Trichen Rinpoche to New York, to attend the opening of the exhibition, Art with Benefits. The Drikung Tradition, at the Rubin Museum of Art, New York. The author of the exhibition catalogue, Prof. David Jackson, an international specialist in Tibetan art history, gave a conference on 23 April. The exhibition shall be open to the public from 24 April - 7 September 2015. It is the first of its kind, being a major exhibition dedicated to the art production over many centuries of one specific Tibetan Buddhist order.


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