His Holiness visits Peru 2015

IMG 1766His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang and entourage arrived in Lima, Peru on the evening of May 14, greeted with great fanfare by Drikung Kagyu disciples from Peru, Chile & other South American countries, to the accompaniment of traditional Peruvian musicians and dancers.

This marked the beginning of the 2015 Andean-Peruvian Pilgrimage with over 30 participants from Bhutan, Taiwan, United States, Canada, and other Central and South American countries.

The main program in Lima was the conferment of the Great Empowerment of Kalacakra on the weekend of May 16 and 17 - the very first time for His Holiness in this lifetime.

IMG 1763Over 250 participants received this great blessing from His Holiness. While in Lima, His Holiness also visited the Lima office of The Mountain Institute (TMI) to learn about TMI's work in this region. His Holiness also have a public talk to an audience of over 500 at the National Library of Peru. On the morning of May 18, His Holiness together with his entourage and others flew to Cusco - the ancient Inka capital.

IMG 1759As in Lima, His Holiness was greeted with great joy at the Cusco airport by Drikung followers together with local musicians and dancers. That evening, His Holiness delivered a public talk to a packed auditorium at the Cusco Municipal Office. His Holiness' visit was formally recognized by the Municipal Office. Two other highlights of His Holiness' visit to the Cusco region are the visit to the land in the township of Chinchero where a stupa will be built on and the Phowa & Milarepa retreat in the Sacred Valley.IMG 1765

At the conclusion of this retreat His Holiness announced that he will give all the offerings he received in Peru to the stupa project and further delighted participants by promising to return to South America for several months on 2018. At the land in Chinchero, His Holiness also determined the exact spot in which the stupa will be built and also fixed July 31 as the auspicious ground-breaking day. Together with the group of disciples gathered from around the world, His Holiness visited a number of the sacred and ancient sites in the valley, including the famous Machu Picchu.IMG 7478

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