His Holiness visits Mexico

image-3His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang arrived Mexico City on 2nd June 2015, HH was warmly received at the airport by Mr. Alex Haddad, Mrs. Fanny Ryzeman the President of the Drikung Kagyu Mexico, Mr. Marco Antonio Karam, the President of the Casa Tibet Mexico, most Ven. Drupon Samten Rinpoche, Acharya Gyursam and all the Sangha Members of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage in Mexico City.  On 3rd June HH gave teachings and explanation of the beautiful songs of Milarepa at the Soumaya Museum from 4 pm to 9 pm. Everybody was very happy to hear the wonderful songs of the Great Yogi of Tibet, the Milarepa.

image copyNext day after lunch on 4th of June, HH visited and blessed the house of Casa Tibet Mexico, and gave teachings of Mahamudra based on the teachings of Milarepa's songs and explained the Milarepa Jenang and Sadhana. In the end Holiness had the questions and answers session with the disciples and everyone there was happy, and holiness offered scarf to Mr. Marco Antonio Karam for organising the program and doing the works for the Buddha Dharma.

On 5th of June, organised by the Drikung Kagyu Mexico City Center, HH gave teachings and empowerment of Vajrayogini at the University Hall of Mexico City from 10 am to 5 pm in the evening. HH did self empowerment and after the lunch HH gave teachings and empowerment of Chakrasamvara, and explained details about the valuable text of the Sadhna practice.

imageOn 6th of June, H.H. gave an empowerment of the Warthful Padmasambhava, and in the end there was a great Mexican music sung by a young man as a token of thanks for His Holiness for kindly coming and giving such a valuable teachings. Thereafter Mr. Alex Haddad gave special thanks to His Holiness and all the entourages who helped to make this event successful. 

image-2On 7th June, in the morning HH visited  to the Huge Museum in Mexico City, and holiness was very keen to know about the evolution of our world. After Lunch at 5 pm, the Drikung Kagyu Mexico Center organised a farewell tea party for His Holiness and also a token of thanks for kindly visiting and giving the teachings. All the members of the centre and disciples were also presented and offered scarfs to Holiness and received the blessings from the Holiness.image-2 copy

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