His Holiness visits Drikung Rinchen Choling

IMG 4679On June 8 , 2015, at 11:30 AM  His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang and Trichen Rinpoche arrived in Los Angeles International Airport, and were warmly welcomed by many disciples headed by Lama Thupten Nima, Abbot of Drikung Rinchen Choling.  After leaving  the Airport, some members offered a welcoming lunch to His Holiness at a local restaurant. Upon the arrival of His Holiness at Drikung Rinchen Choling, lamas from Drikung centers in US,

greeted His Holiness in a traditional manner with all sorts of auspicious dharma symbols and instruments and many lay disciples holding khataks lining up to give His Holiness a grand welcome. His Holiness then seated in the main hall to receive a formal mandala offering, aspiration for long life and other prayers from Lama Thupten Nima and the sangha.  Other members also offered traditional rice and butter tea to His Holiness and the monastics in presence.  His Holiness kindly gave a brief talk afterwards.

IMG 4609

On June 9 around 10:30 am, a press conference was held especially for His Holiness on his visit in Los Angeles.  There were reporters from three local television stations and one from a magazine.  His Holiness was interviewed and talked on his current special projects and the dharma events to be held at Rinchen Choling.

On June 10,  hundreds of fortunate students joyfully received a special Cakrasaṃvara empowerment bestowed by His Holiness.  Cakrasaṃvara is one of the principal deities of Kagyu lineage.

IMG 4616On June 11, His Holiness led the second US Drikung Kagyu Monlam for commemorating the parinirvana of Lord Jigten Sumgon.  At noon time, a small bodhi tree was personally blessed and planted by His Holiness in the garden of Rinchen Choling.  His Holiness prayed that the Buddhadharma be widely propagated, and all sentient beings developing loving kindness and compassion.  On that evening His Holiness spoke to lamas from US centers and Tibetan sangha on how to really benefit sentient beings in this 21st Century.

IMG 4675During the period of June 12 through June 14, a Chakrasamvara Drupchod was held and guided by His Holiness and lamas.  On the last day of the Drupchod, Lama Thupten Nima and disciples from Rinchen Choling did a long life mandala offering, and hosted a special birthday celebration for His Holiness’ upcoming 70th birthday.  Lamas from other US centers, Tibetan and Western sangha also did mandala offerings respectively. 

IMG 4702On June 15, a group of one hundred people led by His Holiness went boating to the Pacific Ocean.  His Holiness did prayers for world peace and happiness for sentient beings with no suffering, and poured the mandala sandinto the ocean.

One June 16, His Holiness accomplished his visit, and returned to India departing from Los Angeles International Airport.


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