HH Visits Karmapa Sha Mar-Nag Shrine in Manhattan, New York

karmapaThe devotees of Karmapa Sha Mar-Nag in NYC feel immensely happy and humbled by His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche’s visit to the shrine hall in Manhattan NY on July 30th, which coincidentally marked the eve of the 1st cremation anniversary of Gyalwa Shamarpa’s Kudung in Kathmandu, Nepal.

This auspicious program started with a Mandala offering puja, followed by a beautiful teaching by His Holiness on the importance of developing loving-kindness and compassion.


His Holiness then gave a touching and a memorable talk on the deep historical and spiritual connection between the Drikung lineage and the Gyalwa Shamarpas going back to the 17th Drikung Kagyu lineage holder Gyalwang Rinchen Phuntsok (1509~1557) who spent some time at Shamarpa’s monastery in Yangpachen and received various transmissions, oral instructions and the complete stage teaching on Chakrasamvara, Guhyasamaja and Hevarja from the 4th Shamarpa Chokyi Drakpa Yeshe Pal Zangpo (1453~1524).

The spiritual connection got strengthened further when the 6th Shamarpa Miphan Chokyi Wangchuk (1584~1630) was born as the younger son of Chogyal Rinchen Phuntsok, the 21st  Drikung throne holder.

karma2His Holiness also reveal that he had a deep spiritual connection with 14th Gyalwa Shamarpa Miphan Chokyi Lodroe. Even though H.H. was not able to personally attend the cermation ceremony of Gyalwa Shamarpa last year, H.H. said that he followed the cremation videos closely on the internet and was happy to see auspicious rainbows in the sky during and after the cremation.

After the talk on this most special spiritual connection, His Holiness then led the swift rebirth prayers for Gyalwa Shamarpa.

We bought this auspicious program to an end with a delicious cake cutting ceremony to honor His Holiness 70th birthday.

They heartly thank to Holiness for blessing, kind visit and his priceless teachings. They also prayed for holiness long and healthy life and that holiness continue to spread the teachings of the Buddha and guide all sentient beings in the path of Dharma.


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