HH visits the Golden Temple at Tam Dao mountain, Vietnam

viert1On September 3rd 2015 

Located at the top of Tam Dao mountain at an elevation of 1375 m above sea level, tam Dao, vinh Phuc province, The Goldan Tample is known as the sacred land in Vietnam.

As  stated in History, since the Hung Kings dynasty, the Tam Dao mountain and Ba Vi mountain have become symbol of Vietnam”s endurance. if Nghia Linh Mountain where the capital of the ancient Van Lang was located is central point, Tam Dao and Ba Vi mountain are tow symmetric points which from “The hand throne “in feng shui of Hung Kings dynasty.


According to Legend , in Hung Kings dynasty (approximately 200 years BC ) the Indian monks visited Van Lang . They decided to choose the Tam Dao mountain to build the first temple. It can be said that Tam Dao is the cradle of Buddhism in Vietnam.

In 2009 His Holiness visited the Tam Dao mountain . Feeling the sacredness of this land , Holiness and Mrs To Thi Thu Ha, Mr Le Thanh Binh and their daughter Le Thanh Huyen who live in Hungary built the Goldan Tample . The temple was completed in 2011.

namThere are a great number of white stone statues were meticulously carved in temple yard. At the center The great compassion Buddha ( Guanyin ) statue is placed . The tow row of Eighteen arhat statues are set besides Guanyin statue, in which, each one seems to depict “compassion, wisdom, courage”spirit of the Buddha.

From this yard, there is a 108 step stairway in carved green stone which leads to the Goldan Tample.vietnam32

The temple was built in the style of ancient temple with blade-shape roof. its doors are made by carved ironwood while its columns and rafters, sesame are made of copper-coated concrete.in the temple, there is 240 cm-high Buddha Sakyamuni statue sitting on silver lotus throne.

Goldan Tample is the first temple in Vietnam and Southeast Asia of Drikung Kagyu built by His Holiness Gyalwa Drikungpa .

On the evening of 7 September, His Holiness left Vietnam, concluding his meaningful and fruitful trip.


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