2015, News From Samtenling Nunnery

hihIn August 2015, a tea party was held at Drikung Samtenling Nunnery. The occasion was to wish farewell to Ms. Trinlay Chodon, our former Secretary/Accountant who worked at the Nunnery for almost two years and half years. Two ladies applied for this post but they withdrew at the end, and we had no option but to open this post for the third candidate. Mr. Sonam Wangdu is a retired accountant from the Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala, who has now moved to Dekiling Tibetan Settlement, so we have a very experienced staff member in the office. We hope very much that a nun can take up this post in a couple of years under his training.


The new Director, Ani Jinpa Sangmo, thanked the nuns who took responsibilities in the nunnery from August 2014 to August 2015. They all did a splendid job. She also thanked Ms. Chodon and welcomed Mr. Wangdu. The advisor of the Nunnery, Ms. Namgyal Taklha was requested to present scarves to the old staff members and to the Accountants/Secretaries. Venerable Ningji Norbu Tsang Rinpoche, who is a teacher at the Nunnery, blessed and presented scarves to all the new nun staff members.

Tea party for old and new staff at Samtenling Nunnery Aug. 2015JPGThe Advisor informed them that the first two nuns from Samtenling have graduated from the Kagyu College this year. Rinchen Tsomo and Ngawang Choedon are taking some teachings and language courses until the end of this year down South. More nuns will be graduating as the years move along. She is very happy to see the nuns doing very well in their studies and in the daily activities at the Nunnery. She hopes very much that the graduates will eventually and become teachers, health workers, Tibetan physicians, social workers, translators with other options open to them to serve one’s community. There is also an opportunity for the nuns to undergo a three year, three month retreat.

The new elected staff members are:

Director                                 Jinpa Sangmo                       

Disciplinarian                        Sangzin Dolma

Steward (Nyerpa)                 Trinley Wangmo

Senior Chant Master             Tashi Lhamo

Representative from the Monastery section, Kunchok Dolma

Other staff such as the Asst. Chant Master, Caretakers of the temple

Health Worker and Store-keeper were also elected.

These days the nuns are undergoing semi retreat, which should be over in a few days. There will be the public speaking event at the Kagyu College and then the annual picnic, which the nuns are looking forward to.Wecome and Farewell for nunnery staff  Aug. 2015

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