His Holiness visits Bhutan 2015

hiHis Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang made his second grand visit to Bhutan on 23rd September 2015 on the invitation of Her Majesty Royal Grand mother of Bhutan. Right after the arrival HH and entourage had a tea session with Her Majesty at the Dumranang Palace, Paro.

His Holiness and entourage traveled to Phubjikha on 24th and stayed one night as a rest and arrived Bumthang on September 26. Hotel Rinchenling hosted His Holiness and the attendents in Bumthang Jakar. On 27th  September the Sumthrang Monastery with support from the Bumthang community organized a day Drikung Phowa chenmo initiation followed by a Machig Drupi Gyelmoi Tsedrup long life empowerment to the public at Jampa lhakhang.

wangOver thousands of devotes from around Bumthang, and other parts of Bhutan have gathered to receive the Phowa and the long life empowerment. Six groups of local community people of Bumthang had made an mandala offering for His Holiness during the Phowa and long life empowerment sessions.

The next day after His Holiness and the retinue made a pilgrim to Zhabji Thang in the Choekhor Toed and made the journey to Sumthrang monastic temple in Ura, the seat of the Nyoe Gyelwa Lhanangpa, the direct disciple of the Lord Jigten Sumgon.

His Holiness as requested by Sumthrang Choji, offered the secret empowerment of Mahakala and Achi initiation for the local lay monks. Later after lunch, the Sumthrang Ngacham which predates most of the sacred mask dances in Bhutan was performed as a rehearse before His Holiness for the first time after about 20 years of nonexistence in the cultural world. The Cham was restored and taught by Sumthrang Choji to novice monks of Ura and is also scheduled to performed at the Great Sharavasti Buddhist Cultural Assembly in November later this year.

yangOn the next day His Holiness returned from Sumthrang to Jakar on 29 September. On the way HH stoped at Ura community’s great Jangchub Chorten stupa project site and blessed the construction and also offered his blessings to every people who stood lined up along the road. Before reaching Jakar HH made a pilgrimage to Buli Goenpa the seat of Dorji Lingpa and Tharpaling the seat of Kuenkhen Longchenpa. HH was offered the exhibition of the sacred relics of the Buli goenpa. After HH offered prayers of auspicious to the relics, dewdrops of water was found appearing from two most sacred statues among the relics. In Tharpaling HH offered auspicious prayers to the new Shedra temple and its relics.

During the entire stay in Bhutan, besides the scheduled events of spiritual benefits to the public, His Holiness also attended to various individual and groups who seeked HH’s blessings and audiences for different spiritual and religious reasons. 

shHis Holiness left to Paro on September 30th  and spent few more days making pilgrimages in Paro and Thimphu. During that time HH had audience with His Majesty Jigme Kesar Namgyal Wangchuk, the Fifth King of Bhutan on October 2nd, and on October 4th HH had audience with His Majesty Jigme Singe Wangchuk, the Fourth King of Bhutan. HH conveyed many greetings and happy birthday on His Majesty's 60th birthday anniversary which is going to be held soon in Bhutan. HH had a very good tea session with both of the kings of Bhutan. On 5th Oct HH also had tea with Her Majesty the Royal Grand Mother and HH Dilgo Khentse Yangsi Rinpoche. And 6th Oct HH and entourage left for New Delhi, India.

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