HH Dharma Tour to US 2016

singagaOn April 11, 2016, as scheduled His Holiness visited New York City for three days meeting with the Department of the United Nation. H.H. was hosted warmly by Dr. Andrew Taber and member of The Mountain Institute and the meetings were successfully done.

His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang visited San Fransisco on April 14, 2016. H.H. and his entourage were welcomed at the airport by Drikung Kagyu devotees and the organizer of the teachings and then escorted to San Jose.

On April 16, His Holiness gave an empowerment on Shitro Yangzab to the Vietnamese community and other people in San Jose. He also offered the teachings related to this special empowerment, adding that the meaning of an empowerment is to dispel our ego-clinging and ignorance and to fulfil our inner qualities with wisdom knowledge and blessings.


In the evening, upon the invitation by Ven. Drupon Gonpo Dorji, H.H. visited the Drikung Kagyu Tze Zhan Monastery. The next day H.H. offered the Shakyamuni Buddha Initiation at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. After lunch H.H. gave an oral transmission of the co-emergent Mahamudra of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage, followed by meditation and the recitation of mantras to suppress earthquakes in particular. As requested, H.H. also offered certificates to the devotees and disciples of Drupon Gonpo Dorji who had completed the Ngyendro and a course on meditational practices of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage.

amesIn the evening,invited by Mr. Kelsang Jungney, president of the Tibetan Association of Northern California, H.H. visited the Gyutod Monastery and gave talks to Tibetans in San Francisco on the importance of the Tibetan Language, the Dunghang manuscripts and more.. At the end of the talk H.H. answered questions from the audience and afterwards had dinner together with all the participants.

On April 18th, invited by the most Ven. Lama Lodru Rinpoche, the spiritual director of the Kagyu Droden Kuenchab Center, H.H. visited this center, giving an initiation of Buddha Amitabha and offering teachings.

On the 5th May,  as invited by the Ho family foundation, HH visited as the guest of honour to Getty Museum in Los Angeles for the opening ceremony of the cave temple of Dunhuang exhibitions. This exhibitions is one of the exclusive exhibition and will be displayed until the September 2016. 

Next day on the 6th, as invited by Most Venerable Gelek Rinpoche, H.H.visited Michigan where H.H. and entourage were greeted enthusiastically by the members of the Jewel Heart. There H.H. offered the Drikung Phowa transmission and Amitayus empowerment in a big hall where hundreds of people gathered. On the 8th of May, His Holiness gave a talk about environment and Buddhism at the Jewel Heart Center where hundreds of people participated.


mentalUpon the invitation to the 15th Annual Conference on Mental Health and Spirituality by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, on May 26, 2016 H.H. visited the Los Angeles Convention Center and gave talks, in particular on the coexistence of body and mind and the importance of a balanced diet and exercise. 

HH explained that every disease has its own causes and conditions and the disease arises depending on them. For example, mental problems depend on the winds and mind energy, as said by Karmapa Dusum Khenpa, who pointed out  the non-duality of the winds and mind energy.

The upbringing of children also has a big impact on their health, for example, caring and nurturing a child at a very early stage is very important since it is very vulnerable and so requires immense care and love. 

americaqEspecially in highly developed countries people became very busy with their works and the connections between them became more and more remote. This is very difficult in countries where people are busy and where there is much competition between them. This has a big impact on our mental health.

His Holiness told the story of a friend from Nepal, who cooperates in a business partnership. He told him that in the old days he was happy with what he had and worked in his partnership business with trust and dedication. Now in this modern society we have competition, stress and lots of responsibilities we carry, and we don't get enough rest. People don't share their ideas with each other as they don’t trust each other and lose faith and human connections.

Holiness emphasised that the most important thing in life is to keep a balance and to limit whatever we do or need. If we cross the limits of desire and become obsessed, this is where the problem starts. We forget about our fellow human beings and don't care about the society and environment. When we become too attached and driven by desire, only looking for money, we become blind and act crazy. The core solution to this problem is to have contentment and be satisfied with whatever we have. There is a Tibetan saying: "the supreme wealth is contentment." 

dadasIn this modern world it is very important to have a positive outlook and a positive mental attitude. Television and media bring lots of influence and many colourful ideas to the minds of young people. But the problem is when they cannot accomplish their wishes and goals, then they become very disturbed and at times even become depressed, ill and so forth. Video games or war games are very harmful and dangerous since children may copy and imitate them, wanting to use guns as in the video games. We should instead turn them towards other positive games which support our body and mental health.
For this it is very important to have knowledge of impermanence. All that is born will die and is impermanent. These days people don't like to think about  impermanence.  Failure or denial to accept the reality that our society is impermanent, is suffering. If someone commits suicide because of not getting a high test score, losing their job or a loved one, it is because of not understanding the reality of impermanence. This lack of true knowledge is suffering and tragic. With the realisation of impermanence and Dharma, which is dependent origination, things become easy and balanced. 

sangdfHoliness said as far as health issues are concerned it is also very important to have a kind heart and compassion. HH said that he has a friend who is a doctor and a learned scholar of medicine, but he always complains that the medicine he offers is not helpful to people. However, there is another person who is not a doctor but just a compounder who cares for his patients with love and compassion which really helps them. When Holiness asked this person what his secret was, he said that there was no secret but the only thing he did was offer love and kindness. It means that it is our mental power that heals others by having loving kindness and compassion. Therefore we should always practice loving kindness and compassion with the understanding of impermanence. 

On May 27 and 28, H.H. gave the Kalchakra Empowerment and Drubchoe at the Drikung Rinchen Choling Center in Los Angeles, California. In the morning of the first day H.H. performed the self empowerment and after lunch he offered the preparatory empowerment. On the second day H.H. bestowed the actual empowerment of Kalchakra and offered some general advices to all. In the end Ven. Drupon Gape Lama and members of the organizing center made mandala offering as a token of thanks for kindly visiting and blessings with teachings and empowerment. 

jijihOn the evening of May 28, H.H. visited the Drikung Kyobpa Choling Center in Escondido and was received with a warm welcome by Ven. Drupon Samten and all the members and devotees of the center. On the next day H.H. led the Lama Chopa Puja to commemorate the Parinirvan Day of the Lord Jigten Sumgon, the founder of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage. In the afternoon there were performances of Lama Cham Dances, aMexican dance and a wonderful show by Tashi (Dog) and Ven. Drupon la. Everyone there was very pleased and gave heartfelt applause. On May 30 the World Peace Prayer was conducted and His Holiness dedicated it towards world peace and happiness for all beings on this earth.mentalhealth

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