HH Dharma Tour to Malaysia 2016

7 429July 4th, 2016, His Holiness Tinle Lhundup arrived at Penang, Malaysia. He was received with a grand reception at the airport by devotees from various Drikung Kagyu centers in Malaysia. The Butterworth Buddhist Association has been established by Lho Kunsang Rinpoche from the Palme Gonpa Monastery of Eastern Tibet in 2000. Three years ago, His Holiness decided to host the Namgyalma (Ushnisha Vijaya) Thousand Offering Puja annually in Malaysia during every Malaysian new year. He agreed to personally lead the puja every other year and was present during the first Puja. In July, His Holiness arrived at Penang Malaysia to host the third Thousand Offering Thousand Blessing Puja, which was organized jointly by the Butterworth Palme Gon Life Education Center and the Butterworth Buddhist Association.


IMG 8639On July 6th and 7th, His Holiness hosted the Namgyalma (Ushnisha Vijaya) Thousand Offering Thousand Blessing Puja. In the evening of the 6th, he bestowed the Namgyalma Empowerment. In the evening of the 7th, he bestowed the Aksobhya  Empowerment. More than a hundred disciples participated in this event. Disciples from Guatemala also participated in this event and went home on 9th.

Namgyalma is a Buddha of longevity. She wears an image of Vairocana in her headdress. With Amitayus and White Tara, she constitutes the three Buddhas of long life. Namgyalma is in the color of an autumn moon. She has three faces, middle  white, right yellow, and left blue. Each face has three large eyes. IMG 0878She has eight arms. The first right hand holds a vishvavajra, second a white locus with Amitabha Buddha residing on top, third an arrow, and the fourth in the gesture of supreme generosity. The first left hand holds a vajra lasso, second in the gesture of bestowing protection, third a bow, and fourth in the gesture of meditative equipoise holding an auspicious nectar vase. She is adorned with silks and jewel ornaments. She seats on a lotus in the vajra posture. bslNamgyalma is the embodiment of Chenrezig and Vajrapani. She possesses the unsurpassed wisdom and all-encompassing compassion. She skillfully cuts through ignorance through wrathful means. Namgyalma practice grants victory over illness and blessings for a long and meaningful life that benefits others. Moreover, she is incredibly powerful for extending one’s life through recovery of illness and avoiding premature death as well as purifying impediments. During the puja, one thousand sets of Torma, Flower, Lamp, Incense, Parasol, Victory Banner, etc., are meticulously prepared and respectfully offered. Along with the respective tantric rituals, participants recite the Namgyalma mantra for 1000 times and circle the mandala for 1000 times with the intention to accumulate merit, purification, longevity, and accomplishment. 

On July 8th, His Holiness performed the Aksobhya Jangchog Puja and the Red Tara Fire Puja at the Palme Buddhist Center. The fire puja is one of the most powerful puja within Tibetan Buddhism. It has the following relative functions:IMG 8317

PurificationPurify obscurations, unwholesome actions, and broken pledges. 

Enhancement: Increase life span, merit, wealth, and happiness

Enthrallment: Accumulate merits and accomplish self and others’ aspirations

Subjugation: Conquer all afflictive emotions and enemies.

Red Tara, along with Red Cherezig and Kurukulla, are the deities of love and sex in the Tantra system. She is very well known for improving interpersonal relationships, generating reverence, transforming afflictive emotions, and ultimately removing the dualistic view. Red Tara symbolizes authority and power. She destroys anger, greed, and ignorance, pacifies all obstructions in the way of enlightenment, and increases Samadhi and wisdom.

kedha1On July 9th, His Holiness visited and blessed a factory and a shopping mall. In the afternoon, he met with Ven. Master Wei Wu and visited the Bodhi Heart Retreat centre in Than Hsaing temple. In the evening of July 9th, His Holiness participated in the Thousand Offerings and Thousand Blessings Charity Vegetarian Dinner organized by the Drikung Palme Gon Buddhist Center. More than 700 people participated in this event to support the Great Shravasti Project. Performances were offered to His Holiness and donations were made to the Great Shravasti Project.kedha

On July 10th, His Holiness got together with volunteers who helped out in the Thousand Offerings Puja. He thanked them for their hard work and encouraged them to diligently continue their Dharma practice.

On July 12th, His Holiness gave a talk on mental health to students and teachers of the Keat Hwa High School of Altor Setar. After his talk, he blessed each of the participants and took pictures with them.

On July 13th, at the request of the Manjushri Vihara Buddhist Society of Penang, His Holiness bestowed the Drikung Phowa Chenmo Transmission, performed the inauguration ceremony for a statue of Lord Jigten Sumgon, and led a lamp offering for world peace.

On July14th, His Holiness gave a Buddha Amitayus Empowerment at the Parti Gerakan Hall of Penang. More than a thousand disciples received this empowerment. 

IMG 2259On July 15th, His Holiness led the Namgyalma (Ushnisha Vijaya) prayer and bestowed Namgyalma empowerment at Kuala Lumpur. This event was organized by the Drikung Kagyu Ratnashri Center. 

In the morning of July 18th, His Holiness was interviewed by journalists from Malaysia. He spoke of the importance of protecting our environment. Many newspapers had published the report of this interview. 

On July 18th, His Holiness completed his Malaysia Dharma trip and returned to New Delhi, India.

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