HH Second Visits to Ladakh 2016

kkOn 20th July, 2016 His Holiness Gyalwang Drikungpa arrived safely in Ladakh after his Dharma tour to Singapore and Malaysia. H.H. was received with a grand reception at the Leh airport by the thousands of devotees from different monasteries and villages. 

As invited by the Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre, on 24th July, 2016, His Holiness visited MIMC and had meeting with many religious scholars. After that His Holiness led the celebration for 125th birth anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar at Centre Institute of Buddhist Studies, Choglamser, Leh-Ladakh, India.

On 26th His Holiness led the Workshop of the International Nature Restoration Action Association in Phyang Monastery, Leh-Ladakh. The workshop was well attended by students, farmers and many associations.


As invited by the NHPC Alchi, on 27th His Holiness visited to Alchi and blessed the hydro project. After that His Holiness visited to Lamayuru monastery. There His Holiness led the annual Chakrasamvara prayer, he also delivered a speech describing the importance of preserving the monastic rituals and activities. His Holiness then returned to Leh on 29th in the early morning. Around 10:00am His Holiness also visited Druk Padma Karpo School campus and Naro Phodang. There His Holiness spoke about the prevalence of environmental issues in the world.

On 30th His Holiness successfully concluded the 5 day workshop of International Nature Restoration Action Association by emphasising the role of individuals to spread the message about protecting our environment.

On the morning of the 31st at 2:30am, His Holiness led the secret mask dance's protector prayer and the annual Phyang Tsedup festival at Phyang monastery. The Joint Secretary of Culture Minister also came to visit His Holiness at Phyang monastery.


At 1:00pm His Holiness took lunch with some of the leaders. Around 2:00pm His Holiness had great meeting with the leaders of Ladakh about the Ladakh Alternative University, including the Chief Executive Councillor Leh, Sh. Sonam Dawa Lhonpo, Sh. Rigzin Jora Former Cabinet Minister, Sh. P Namgyal Former Union Minister, Sh. Rigzin Spalbar Former Chairman LAHDC, Sh. Tsering Samphel Former MLA, Sh. Norbu Gyaltsan MLC, Sh. Dr. Stopdan and etc.

On 4th Aug, as invited by the monks and people of Lalok region, His Holiness left to Shachukul monastery for the Great Monkey Teaching.  There ware more than 100 vehicles for his reception at Phyang monastery.

Lamayuru121On 5th Aug, His Holiness consecrated the newly silk brocade Thanka of Lord Buddha. On 6th Aug, Thousands of devotees with great devotion and prayer for H.H. long life and celebrated the 71st birth anniversary of His Holines at Shachukul Monastery. 

Thereafter, His Holiness unveiled the newly silk brocade Thanka of Lord Buddha.  His Eminence Togdan Rinpoche, CEC- Dr. Sonam Dawa Lonpo, MLA- Nawang Rigzin Jora, LBA, President -Tsewang Thinlas, Khanpo Rangdol and many other dignitaries were present to wish and congratulate His Holiness. Highlighting the contribution of His Holiness towards the environment protection, promotion of education and many others in Ladakh through different projects and teachings all the speakers emphasised everyone to cooperate in making the betterment of society in Ladakh. Expressing his gratitude to each and everyone, His Holiness said, “My dream is to make the entire Himalayan region an organic place for better healthy environment at the time of  growing health problems and complication from the food and pollutant environment.” 

DPKSHis Holiness has started the project with two primary objectives: ‘Go Green’ which focuses on preserving the fragile and unique ecosystem of Ladakh through large scale plantation of trees. ‘Go Organic’ focuses on encouraging and supporting traditional eco -friendly agriculture practices and pastoral community of Ladakh to preserve the rich traditional knowledge of the land. Likewise, the Ice Stupa project has started with an objective to address the water scarcity being faced by many villages in Ladakh in the early spring for agriculture activities in the wake of shrinking natural glaciers over the last few decades. 

Kiran rijujiThe political leaders assured to extend every support in establishing an alternative University in Leh to ensure quality education for all with special emphasis to provide the opportunity of higher education for the students from poor families. 

Councillor, Durbuk-Tashi Yakzee and Councillor, Chushul- Konchok Stanzin expressed gratitude to His Holiness for his invaluable contributions and requested for his continued blessings to the people in future.  Colourful culture performance was presented by the different villages of Changthang Lalok region.

changsOn 7th Aug, His Holiness visited to his Go Green & Go Organic projects at different villages. Such as Shachukul, Tharuk, Tangtse, Mukleb, Chilam and Yarath.

On 8th to 10th Aug, His Holiness bestowed (Drikung Semsket Chenmo) the Great Drikung Bodhisattva vow according to the tradition of the Vast Conduct, which has been passed down from Buddha Shakymuni to Maitreya, Asanga,.... Serlingpa, and Atisha. The sadhana composed by Chen Nga Sherab Jungne was used during the transmission in general. Two types of Relative Bodhicitta exist: The aspiring Bodhicitta, which is the aspiration to attain enlightenment for the benefit all sentient beings; and the engaging Bodhicitta, which is the translation of aspiring Bodhicitta into actualactions.Four conditions need to be fulfilled in order to generate the aspiring Bodhicitta: 1) accumulating merits through the practice of the noble 7 branches; 2) taking refuge in three jewels and cultivating Bodhicitta; 3) cultivating the Four Immeasurables; 4) visualizing the guru who bestowed the Bodhisattva vow as Buddha Shakyamui. After one receives transmission of the aspiring Bodhcitta, he or she can move forward to receive the transmission of the engaging Bodhicitta. The sadhana composed according to Bodhisattvacaryavatara (A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life) is used to transmit the engaging Bodhicitta. The ultimate Bodhicitta is the wisdom mind that realizes emptiness. In other words, it is the Mahamudra or Dzogchen in the Tandra tradition or the Prajna Paramita in the Sutra tradition.

BirthaOn 11th Aug, His Holiness Bestowed the Drikung Phowa Chenmo. On 12th His Holiness Bestowed the (Tse-wang) Long Life Empowerment according to the wrathful Guru Rinpoche to the people. After the empowerment the monks and the people of Lalok region had offered Tenshuk to Holiness for long life, prosperity and turn the wheel of Dharma again to all the sentient beings.Horse ride

On 13th morning, His Holiness headed towards Durbuk, and Shayok village for his GGGO project.  After lunch His Holiness back to Leh. On the way back His Holiness also visits Chemdey monastery and museum as invited by monks of the monastery. The monks offered mandala to Holiness and gave a short speech by Holiness.

smAs invited by the Ladakh Rigjung Public School on 14th Aug, His Holiness visited to the school and there he bestowed the Manjusri oral transition and short speech. After lunch he also visited to Ladakh International Nalanda School & Library site. There Holiness laid the foundation stone and consecrated the land. Around 2:00pm His Holiness had important meeting with the leaders of Ladakh about the Ladakh Alternative University, including the DC of Leh, Chief Executive Councillor Leh, Sh. Sonam Dawa Lhonpo, Sh. Rigzin Jora Former Cabinet Minister, Sh. P Namgyal Former Union Minister, Sh. Rigzin Spalbar Former Chairman LAHDC, Sh. Tsering Samphel Former MLA, Sh. Norbu Gyaltsan MLC, Sh. Dr. Stopdan, Sh. Sonam Wangchuk  SECMOL and many other Scholar from India and abroad at Phyang monastery.

On 15th August, His Holiness had meeting with Kiren Rijiju the Minister of Home Affairs of India.

On 16th His Holiness headed back to Delhi for his tour to Mongolia.




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