His Holiness Arrives Taipei, Taiwan

lololoOn 14th December 2016, as invited by the Lho Palmegon Center, His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon arrived at the International Airport, Taipei.

H.H. was received with warm welcome with flowers and white scarfs in their hands as a auspicious sign. Drupon Sonam Nyima and the members of the Lho Palmegon Center, the Representative of Tibet in Taipei, Tibetan Association, and many resident Rinpoche, lamas and devotees from the Drikung Kagyu Centers in Taiwan were present. Thereafter H.H. went for rest at the Grand Hotel, Taipei.

On 17th Dec, in the morning H.H. offered the transmission of Drikung Phowa Chenmo and after lunch granted the Long Life Empowerment of Ma-Chik Drupi Gyalmo tradition. The teachings and foods were offered for free to all devotees.

There were more than 140 Tibetan monks, 150 Chinese monks, 1200 Drikung Kagyu disciples, 100 volunteers and many other devotees from different parts of the world.

palAs His Holiness is the Ambassador for the Mountain Partnership,  the center also organised a discussion program related on green project. There were experts from environmental department, the Vice-Chairman of Forestry Department, Vice-Chairman of Agriculture Department, experts from Grains and Natural Resources, scientist for weather and global warming, many well known artists and singers, media persons were also attended. The program went well and it was intended for the world peace and harmony, and for the mother nature.

palwOn January 7th, 2017, the first Shravasti Meditation Retreat took place at the Garchen Retreat Centre in Taiwan. The Shravasti Meditation is an integrated approach to cultivate one’s mind and body, and H.H. developed this modern meditation practice to meet the need of the globalisation of Buddhism in the 21st century.

retreatThere were 27 participants comprising 6 Rinpoches, 1 Khenpo, 3 Drupons, 2 nuns, 1 lama, Vajra Teacher, and 14 lay disciples from Europe, North and South America, and Asia for this intensive retreat course directly selected by Holiness. His Holiness stated that with an increasing demand for Buddhist practice in the world, we need to adopt an international perspective in presenting and sharing the valuable practice of Buddhism. The main purpose is to promote peace and harmony around the world.

925682791All the participants took great interest and the retreat program was successfully accomplished on 15th January with much joy and rejoice in everyone’s hearth. 







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