Green Festival in Ladakh

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On March 25, under the leadership of the Go Green Go Organic organization, environmental organizations in Ladakh hosted the first Green Ladakh Day to answer the call of His Holiness Tinle Lhundup. Participating organizations included Go Green Go Organic, Ladakh Environment and Health Organization (LEHO), Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL), Defence Research & Development Organization (DIHAR), and NCF. The celebration took place at the Phyang Monastery. Villages of Phyang shared responsibilities in organizing this event. Phyang Monastery provided lunch for participants.



Ice Stupa 

To create an ice stupa is more than an art

It preserves the stream water in the Winter

By freezing it into an ice stupa

So the water can be used for irrigation in Spring time from a holistic perspective

It is a creative solution

For global warming. IMG 9351-2 

Before the Green Ladakh Day celebration began, participants visited the ice stupas constructed last Winter (two big and one small). Inside of the big stupas, displayed pictures were displayed documenting the process of stupa construction over the past 3 years. 

The stupas created this Winter are higher than those of the previous years. A team measured their height. of this year’s stupas. The team was consisted of the chief engineer of Ladakh, a notary, as well as engineers and employees of the military. The chief engineer first introduced the measuring approach/technique. During the measurement this process, Dr. Scharf, an official of the Germany agricultural environment ministry, and Professor Gambow, the director of the German Water Foundation, reminded the team to read the results carefully. Then, they approached the measuring equipment and double-checked the reading. About 5 or 6 minutes later, the chief engineer announced that this year’s stupa is high, which has broke the Guiness Record of the highest ice sculpture In response to this exciting news, all the participants cheered excitedly “Kiki Soso Lhagyalo” “Kiki Soso Lhagyalo”.

IMG 9352-2Then the organizer announced it was time for the celebration and the performances to begin. The dancing team performed a dance that traditionally is offered to the king. The leading male dancer was dressed in a red silk costume/robe and wore a long pointed black hat (a hat that can be worn only in the presence of the king). Female dancers wore head ornaments made of hundreds of jade/turquoises and hand-made traditional ornaments. After their performance, the participants took a picture in front of the ice stupa and went back to the monastery. 

A meeting followed the performance. In the conference room of the Phyang Monastery, His Holiness sat in the middle with governor Dawa of Ladakh on his right and Dr. Scharf and Professor Gambow, four government officials, and staff of the Garchen Dharma Institute (Munich) on the left. The directors of the Ladakh Buddhist Association and other local organizations as well as more than 400 residents were present in this meeting too. IMG 9350-2

His Holiness, Dr. Scharf and Professor Gambow each delivered a speech. Then the environmentalists shared their endeavors and experience using video demonstrations. Some of the organizations have devoted 20 to 60 years in environment preservation/conservation. 

The Go Green Go Organic announced that the Shayok Village has received the name of the Organic Village. Also, there 60-km-long areas around Shachukhul and Kargyamrung have been designated as the preserved land where any development is forbidden. The average altitude of these areas is 5000 meters. His Holiness gave cash rewards to the top 10 participants in the tree planting competition. The celebration concluded at 5pm after the question and answer session. IMG 9348-2


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