His Holiness Visits Burma 2017

A80783EC-2C13-49D4-BCD4-2393CF3508CA-328-00000079614EC926 tmpInvited as a state guest of the Burma 2017, His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon arrived on August 5-6, 2017 at Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, Yangon, Burma, for Samvad II: Dialogue for Peace, Harmony and Security- A Global Initiative for Conflict Avoidance and Environmental Consciousness ".  

His Holiness and entourage were received with warm welcome at the airport and escorted towards the guests house for rest.

During the conference His Holiness The Drikung Kyabgon Thinley Lhundup gave speech on environmental protection,world peace and harmony incorporating the spiritual beliefs and customs around the world.


H.H further added that all living beings have same rights to live peacefully and happily, and coexists with our nature, and also have same potential and responsibility to save our Mother Earth.

626CB2FA-1823-4C12-B56B-E1ACF2AAA068-328-00000079728FDBA5 tmpH.H. emphasised that we need to hand over our beautiful mother nature to our future generation, and it is the source of all living beings. We need to introduce again our age old organic farming with the collaboration of modern technology, but we should avoid harming and eliminating by the pesticides that kill countless insects and poison the water and air, which is our basic life of all living beings, not just human being but also to all sentient beings including plants and grass and all.
63172755-B4B0-4D04-93C6-A5AF7F39C390-328-000000797A738EF5 tmpHis Holiness urged that all the political leaders and religious leaders of the world, should  come together to save our planet and work together for sustainable development, and act for the environmental protections. In the end H.H. prayed for World Peace and Harmony, and long life for nature and great virtue for sustaining countless sentient beings in the future.

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