H.H. visits Amity University


H.H. The Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Visits Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh for Global Peace & Prosperity Initiative India on Sep 18, at 11:00 am. The Global Peace & Prosperity Initiative, USA is organizing International Peace Day Celebration week from 14th Sept. to 21st Sept, 2017 in I-2 Auditorium at Amity University Campus, Sector-125, Noida. Global Initiative offers solution for 11 of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to increase Peace,

Prosperity and Love on Earth. H.H. was received at the main hall of the University by Dr. Chauhan, Founder President Amity University, Vice Chancellor Prof, Dr. Balwinder Shukla, Director Research for Innovation, Prof. Dr. W. Selvamurthy, Prof. Dr. Abha Singh, Director AIPS, staffs and students of the Amity University. H.H. was offered scarfs and invited to have the welcoming tea and snacks served at the staff room.  

At 11:30 H.H. was invited to the mail hall where H.H. was requested to deliver the talks on Peaceful Mind : An Essence of Positive Metal Health" to spread the message of peace for peaceful society and Better World. Global Peace and Prosperity. H.H. said that in this modern age, children were taught how to make money through modern education and technology but they were not taught how to take care of their mind and how to live their lives peacefully, happily and gracefully. They were busy and very much competitive, stressed, and have no much time to think of their happy lives. Actually mind should be given more importance that the outer objects, because the mind is the forerunner of everything as Buddha has stated in the Dhammapada.

H.H. added, in California, USA he was invited to give lecture on Mental Health last year, they have their Mental Health Department in their University Campus and it is fully functioning with all kinds of modern technologise for the experiment. Our mind and body are dependent upon each other, if something is wrong with our body then it affects our mind, if there is something wrong with our mind then our body will affected, because of that our nerves systems, immune systems will not function on  its normal state and there will be misbalance in our body and blood circulation, which in fact is a form of disease. Therefore like wise as we care for our body we need to care for our mind, and mind is even more delicate that we need to be more careful. Now the scientific research shows that 95% of the problems are mental and only 5% is of physical, but we can say that 100% is of the mental problem, why because first of all it comes to the mind and then it manifests into sensational of physical forms which is indeed  a mental projection or the mental formation. hh 1

Global peace and prosperity entirely depend on love, compassion and care, and not by the competition, challenges and restlessness of our human mind. All the problems in the globe comes because of stress, depression and insecurity. In order to bring peace and prosperity in global level first we need to nurture our loving kindness and compassion to all beings, more we have love and care then we will enjoy the peace and happiness. Therefore first we need to identify what is love and compassion: the love in common sense is stated by Lord Jigten Sumgon that the genuine love, a genuine feeling from a mother to her child when the baby was just born, and the moment a mother sees her baby for the first time and was filled with immense joy and care. And also thereafter when the child is able to say the word like “mama or papa”. Such instance is very crucial because at that very moment a genuine feelings of love is unconditionally arose in  a split second. That kind of feelings of love should be identified, maintained and extended over to our near and dear ones, and slowly and gradually extended it over to all beings. Like wise the genuine compassion is stated that when some one sees a person who was affected by the Leprosy and lost all the fingers and toes, at that very moment one could feel an immense compassion and wish him to free from such unbearable sickness, that is a genuine compassion.hhh2

H.H. said that we all have the same responsibility and also the same potential to bring global peace and prosperity. In order to achieve global peace, first we need to have peace within ourself, if there is peace within oneself then there will be a peace within our family, if there is peace within ourself then there will be a peace within society, and then within the country and the whole world at large. These are all interlinked and interdependent, Buddha said “ He who sees dependent arising will see the Dharma, He who sees the Dharma, sees the Buddha”. Therefore we should cultivate our mind of loving kindness and compassion. H.H. points out that our mind is like the seed of Buddha Nature, and loving kindness is like fertiliser, and compassion is like water. If we pour loving kindness and compassion, then we would be able to grow the Bodhi-Mind and blossoms the mind of enlightenment. All sentient beings is endowed with the seed of Buddha Nature, and all have same capacity and opportunity to become buddhahood. Therefore Buddha said human life is very precious. 

H.H. thanks for the faculty members for organising this wonderful workshop and creating an opportunity for students to open their eyes in the field of mind science and prayed for the Global Peace and prosperity, hh3

In the end there was a devotional song performed by the students of Amity University, and as a token of thanks H.H. was honoured with the Manjushri Statue for kindly visiting and enlightening the staff and students of the Amity University.hh5

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