H.H. visits South America

hh south amirica twoHis Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang arrived Belo Horizonte, Brazil on Dec 14, 2017 as a part of his Dharma Tour 2017. Belo Horizonte is the 4th largest city in Brazil, which has the population of 5 millions people. At the airport H.H. was received with warm welcome by the members of the newly built first Drikung Kagyu centre in Brazil led by Ven. Ani Chimmi, Ven. Ani Tsultrim, Ven. Konchok Neyden and all the disciples of the center.

On Dec 15, at 10:30 am H.H. did consecration and opening ceremony ofthe new centre followed by auspicious prayers and Guru Yoga Puja. Ven. Ani Chimmi and members of the centre made a mandala offering to His Holiness for kindly coming and blessing the new centre.

H.H. in his speech said that he was very happy to open the new centre on the year of 800th Paranirvan of the Lord Jigten Sumgon, and it is fortunate for all of us.

After lunch, as invited H.H. visited INCISA IMAM, College for Life in Horizonte and gave talks on the Tibetan Buddhism, Drikung Kagyu Lineage and the application of Buddhism in the 21st Century. H.H. further added that now in this 21st century we as a Buddhist should engage more on social welfare, environmental protection and mutual help and support from the interfaith religious harmony and friendship in the society. In this way we can benefit millions and billions of insects, animals, birds and people.

In the end, there was an amazing dance performance by a native American in Brazil and offered the colourful crown of feathers to His Holiness which was made by the feathers from wild birds.IMG 8767

On Dec 22, 2018. H.H. and entourages arrived the Drikung Kagyu Center in Cusco, Peru, where H.H. was received with warm welcome with their traditional ways of reception and performance.

 The main purpose of HH visiting there was to consecrate the first Peace Stupa in Perú, which was held on December 23th with the attendance of the Buddhist community, local community, and 2 schools students from Chinchero, where the Stupa was constructed. HH on His speech recalled why he chosen to build the stupa in Peru. He said when he first heard about Peru, he had an impression of the similarities of these high mountain cultures with that of the Tibet high lands; HH said that the main reason to build a Stupa is to benefit the region, South America and whole world at large. The Local Buddhist community members also recalled the challenges that they had during the process of getting the Stupa land and also thereafter having the construction of the first Stupa in Peru.

H.H. gracefully performed the ritual and formal consecration of the Stupa, and aspirational prayers for world peace and happiness. After the consecration, children from 2 schools beautifully performed the traditional dances and songs. Later, the Drikung Kagyu community offered the lunch to everybody presented there for the ceremony. IMG 8289 

 H.H. gave precious and clear teachings about the meaning of refuge, meaning of the words and inner meaning. After the explanations, new members of the Drikung Sangha took refuge. H.H planted some plants around the first platform of the Stupa land, all the members also involved in the plantation program.  H.H. also gave instructions about the new infrastructure that will be built on the Stupa land. Later as invited H.H. paid a visit to the nearby Simatauca School and had lunch with the children and teachers.   On December 27th H.H. and the sangha members visited to the Pomacanchi lake, 2.5 hours from Cusco city, where H.H. and all had picnic and also had questions and answers session. H.H and sangha members enjoyed very much this time with the nature and talked with sincerity and open heart.6

On December 28th H.H. bought and planted many beautiful Andean flowers on the Stupa Land, and gave more instructions for the future plan by guiding and inspiring with his enlightened presence, compassion and wisdom.

 On December 29th, 2017, His Holiness The Drikung Kyabgon arrived to Guayaquil, Ecuador. Members of the Guayaquil’s sangha welcomed him but the majority of them were attending a meditation session in Bucay —outside the city, guided by Dr.Hun Lye and Khenpo Tenzin. This meditation was planned to be guided by HH but due to his flight delay from Cusco, changes in schedule had to be made. After his arrival, HH went to the hotel Wyndham Garden.IMG 8763

During his first day in the city he had two interviews in the afternoon: one with newspaper El Universo —one of the three main national newspapers, and one with La Revista, El Universo’s Sunday magazine. The interview did not had an specific topic but mentioned part of His Holiness’ biography, his life in the United States, his role as Drikung Kagyu’s holder and his work as an UN Ambassador in Mountain Partnership.

The first interview was published January 1st in full page with the title: Love everyone, message from Chetsang Rinpoche. The second interview is going to be part of a reportage which will be publish Sunday 14.

 At 19:00 His Holiness gave the first lecture “Loving-kindness, Compassion & the Enlightened Heart: Buddha's Answer to Suffering”. In this lecture, His Holiness gave an introduction about Buddhism and talked about bodhichitta. HH explained the meaning of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, the origins of each word and how those meanings are related to the practice of Buddhism. HH explained about interdependence and how its understanding helps to realize what Buddha really is. At the end of the lecture, HH answered a couple of questions from the public related to afflictive emotions. In spite of the date which was holiday, 76 people attended.

 During the morning and afternoon of December 30th, His Holiness gave Kalachakra empowerment at the Chinese Temple of Guayaquil. The empowerment was from 10:00 to 1:00pm and then from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. 70 people attended.

On December 31st His Holiness had a New Year lunch with Guayaquil sangha members.IMG 8766

On January 1st, HH blessed Guayaquil in a short ceremony next to the City Hall. As part of the event, the school Republic of France’s Orchestra played a couple of songs. Gustavo Ramírez, in name of Guayaquil Buddhist Center, gave a short introduction in which he spoke about His Holiness life, and thanked him for his visit to Guayaquil.

That night, on January 2nd, His Holiness gave his second public conference “Protecting the Inner & Outer Worlds: Buddhism and Environmentalism” in which he spoke about his organization —Go Green, Go Organic— and the Ice Stupa Project he is supporting in Ladakh. The video The Monk, the engineer and the artificial glacier was shown to the audience to explain about the latter project. His Holiness explained how human beings should commit with the protection of the environment in order to live in a more harmonic world and to reduce climate change impacts. At the end of the lecture, HH answered a couple of questions from the audience who asked for an advice to convince others to be aware of environmental protection. 65 people attended to the lecture.

In his last day in the city, January 3rd, His Holiness had a private lunch with Isabel Noboa, the main sponsor in Guayaquil.

At 5:00pm HH visited Guayaquil’s Drikung Kagyu Center, talk to 15 sangha members and gave them a Jigten Sumgon statue and a Dzambhala mantra ornament. HH blessed the gompa and advice sangha members about the future of the sangha. He suggested more members should train and study more Dharma in order to have more teachers at the center.

On January 3rd, at 7:00pm he gave 1000-armed Chenrezig empowerment at the Chinese Buddhist Temple; 71 people attended.

His Holiness left Guayaquil the night of January 3rd.hh brasil three

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