His Holiness Visits Bangladesh 2018

IMG 5909His Holiness on Pilgrimage in Bangladesh His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang and entourages arrived Dhaka, Bangladesh on March 6, 2018. H.H. was received at the airport by the representatives of most Ven. Sanghanayaka Suddhananda Mahathero, President, Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prichard Sangha, and Chief Abbot Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastary, Prof. Dr. Bikiran Prasad Barua, joint Secretary General, BBKPS, Mr. Deva Priya Barua, joint Secretary General, BBKPS and some officials.

On March 7, H.H. visited Sompur Maha- Vihara, also known as Paharpur in Naogan District which is about distance of 225 Kilometre from Dakha. It was built by Dharmapala (c.770-810 AD) and was a great monastic institution of that time to study and practice the Buddha Dharma. In Naogan District there is also the Jagaddala Mahavihara in the village of Jagaddal of Dhamoirhat Upazilla.

IMG 5912The Pala king Rampala (1077-1120AD) built this great vihara and set here the sculptures of Avalotikesvara and Tara. A group of famous scholars such as Bibhuti Chandra, Dansheel, Mukkhakar Gupta, Shovakar Gupta lived in Jagaddala Vihara. Books written in Sanskrit used to be translated into Tibetan language were in this Vihara. Sompur Mahavihara and Jagaddala Vihara are the two most famous viharas amoung the five viharas such as Vikramshila, Nalanda, Sompura, Odantapur, and Jagaddala Vihara of that time. Next day on March 9, His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon met most Ven. Sanghanayaka Suddhananda Mahathero, President, Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha, Lord Abbot, Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery, Atisha Dipankar Sarak, Sabujbag, Dhaka, Bangladesh. H.H. was received with warm welcome by all the members at the main gate of the Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery. H.H. and most Venerable had prayers and homage to Lord Atisha Depangkar Sri Ghyana, one of the most prominent scholar and maha siddha of the 10th Century. The special ceremony was done before the shrine and the most Venerable kindly offered H.H. the Holy Ashes of the Lord Dipangkara. H.H. thanked most Venerable for kindly offering the Holy relic and prayed for world peace and harmony. Thereafter HH and entourages were offered tea and snacks at the temple. At 11 am H.H. and entourages visited the birth place of Lord Atisha which was about one and half hour drive from the temple, escorted by the especial security personals co-arranged by the monastery and the government of

IMG 5914Bangladesh. Their H.H. and group paid homage and did prayer for world peace and prosperity, there H.H. was offered tea and snacks arranged by the local monks body of that Monastery. Source from website about the Atisha Holy Relic: http://www.pusa123.com/pusa/news/dujia/201352514.shtml “In 1963, three people including the president of the Buddhist Revival Society of Bangladesh, Elder Vitusita Nanda, and Satta Natta Bukchu (now the Sang Tuan Tutor) were invited to visit China for the first time at the "Asian Buddhist Peace Conference" in Beijing. During his stay in Beijing, the delegation was cordially met by Premier Zhou Enlai, and he talked to Premier Zhou on the masters of Atisha who had made important historical contributions to the friendship between the two countries. After the death of Master Atisha in China’s Tibet, his bones were enshrined. In Natang Temple in Tibet, therefore, Bangladesh proposed to invite some of Atisha's masters to return to his master's hometown, the wish of the Dhakafa Temple in Bangladesh. At this time, Premier Zhou was pleased to entrust and appointed the then Secretary-General of the Chinese Buddhist Association. Zhao Puchu’s layman’s implementation was achieved through the joint efforts of the governments of both countries and the Buddhist community, and in June 1978, a Buddhist delegation headed by Vishuta Nanda elders came to China to welcome the Atisha Master’s spirit bones. Grand Ceremony and Greeting Ceremony was held in Guangji Temple in Beijing. The Buddhist community in Bangladesh held a grand ceremony for worship at the Dhaka Kings Temple.

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