His Holiness Visits Sikkim 2018

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His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang visited Tsuklakhang the Royal Chaphel of the Sikkim. At the main gate H.H. was received with warm welcome by Royal Princess Hope Lezum Namgyal, Kunog Tsetob Ragasha and monks of the Monastery. After viewing the valuable old paintings of the Tsuklakhang, H.H. said before the painting were in poor condition and now because of the renovation it looks wonderful. H.H. rejoiced and thanked Priencess Hope Lezum Namgyal and her team members for restoring and renovating the paintings of the Tsuklakhang. HH and entourages were offered tea refreshments and had group photos with the lamas.

Thereafter HH and entourages were invited for lunch by Semo Kushog la and her family. His Holiness visits Sajong Rumtek and interacted with the farmers who were promoting the organic farming in East Sikkim. HH was accompanied by Sri. K. T. Gyaltsen, Former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and Legal Advisor to the Chief Minister of Sikkim, Shrimati Tenzin Tsezin la and the members of the Organic Farm groups. Sikkim is stated as the first Organic State of India and local people are trying to bring back their age old traditional methods of cultivating and farming the vegetables and grains. 

IMG 5919They offered H.H. lots of different kinds of vegetables, rice and other organic products that they have cultivated, and later H.H. shared and offered those vegetables to the monasteries. H.H. was very impressed by their hard works and dedication for the Organic Farming. H.H. thanked all the farmers and wishes to organise the workshop on Permaculture Design program in Sikkim and in the future collaborate for the better livelihood and benefits for all. On March 17, H.H. and team proceeded towards South Sikkim, and on the way visited Tathagata Tsal, Buddha Park for tea and left for Barong for hot spring. There H.H. stayed one night and enjoyed beautiful view of the mountain ranges of the Himalayas. The rhododendrons and seasonal flowers were in full bloom as if they were greeting Holiness. Next day H.H. went for hot Spring and after lunch proceeded for Ravangla. On the way back H.H. again paid a visit to the Tathagata Tsal ( Buddha Park) and was greeted by Mr. D.D. Bhutia the Minister for Energy & Power and was offered tea and refreshments at the guest room. H.H. was over joyed by the wonderful works that the local and the Sikkim Government has done at the Buddha Park.

IMG 5917 Thereafter H.H. and team left for Phur-Tsachu and spent a night at the Forest Guest House. Next day early morning H.H. had dipped in the hot Spring which was bless by Guru Rinpoche and after breakfast visited Khando- Sangphu (Sacred Cave of Dakinis), did meditation, blessed the temple and hot spring. Program Courtesy to Kunog Yapa Tenpo K.T. Gyaltsen for successfully organizing this wonderful trip.










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