His Holiness Visits Shayog Leh, Ladakh

IMG 5872 1His Holiness the 37 th Gyalwang Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche arrived Shayok on 3 rd April 2018 in the afternoon. The entire people of Lalok welcomed His Holiness, particularly the monks of Shachukul monastery and the people of Shayok gave a special welcome at the Shayok monastery. Shayok is a small village in Lalok, comprising of just 22 households located at an altitude of about 12,000 feet. In the morning of 4 th April His Holiness left for Shayok pharka with a group of villagers and inspected some sites for the development of greenery around the area. And during the inspection His Holiness appointed a villager, Mr. Tsering Mutup to lead the work to be done at the site.

By one o’clock in afternoon His Holiness came back to Shayok Gonpa. The villagers then appointed two more people to help in turn to the work to be done with the JCB the next day onwards. From 4 th to 10 th April His Holiness went for meditation at the Shayok gonpa. And after the meditation His Holiness headed the ritual of Phakmo for a week from 10 th to 16 th April with His Eminence Kyabje Tokdan rinpoche and the monks of Shachukul monastery. 

IMG 5873On 16 th April the phakmo ritual concluded with a special ritual at the spring behind the monastery. Later the two rinpoche(s) along with the people of Shayok had played archery in celebration. The Phakmo ritual is initiated by the His Holiness himself many years back at Shayok monastery. And on 17 th April 2018, around 10 o’clock in the morning His Holiness the Chetsang rinpoche inaugurated the newlyestablished and well furnished library of Shayok. The library is developed by the Youth Association Shayok (YAS) for the children, the youths and the other literates in the village. Immediately, after the inauguration His Holiness proceeded to give the Machik Dupgyalmai Tsewang initiation for the people of Lalok at the ground in front of the Shayok community hall. Before the initiation the villagers of Shayok and the Youth Association Shayok (YAS) offered the long-life prayer for His Holiness the 37 th Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang rinpoche. 
IMG 5874Then His holiness gave the Machik Dupgyalmai Tsewang initiation. The initiation was attended by His Eminence Kyabje Tokdan rinpoche, monks from Shachukul monastery and the people from Chushul to Shayok. After the completion of the initiation again some families of shayok and other places in Lalok offered another long – life prayer for His Holiness. Then before lunch His Holiness was presented cultural programme from the people, youths and children of Shayok in grand celebration. His holiness now plans to visit the environmental work that he has carried out since his arrival at Shayok Pharka tomorrow. Besides, His Holiness is also going to give Ngo-dro thrit to a group of people from Shayok including some monks at the Shayok monastery itself, tomorrow, 18 th April. On 19 th His Holiness is going to leave Shayok for Tangtse. 20 th His Holiness leaves for Chilam – Yerath. In the evening there would be a talk on environment by His Holiness for the people of Phulak or Chilam, Yerath and Pholonglay. IMG 5875And on 21 st his Holiness would be on rest and would visit the plantation site. And on 22 nd April i.e., Earth Day, His Holiness would attend the mega event of plantation at Yerath organised by the people of Phulak and the Go Green organization Headed by the His Holiness himself. The plantation event would be actively attended by the people from Chushul to Shayok as it is done every year in Lalok. Besides, this event would be attended by some VVIPs of National and global status.




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