Gyalwa Drikungpa visits Vietnam Part II

IMG 9970 2Invited by the Drikung Sangha in Dalat, Vietnam, H.H. The Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang visited the city on Jan 14, 2019. There HH and entourage were received with warm welcome at the airport. After that they drove towards the Terracotta Resort by the beautiful lake. On Jan 15, in the morning, there was fish release program led by most Ven. Khensur Konchok Gyaltsen Rinpoche and Drupon Samten Rinpoche.

At 10 am H.H. visited the Truc Lam Temple. He released birds and planted a long life tree with the Abbot of the temple. IMG 9586 2At 11:30 am the monastery served the lunch for all monks and nuns and had group photo session was organised with all the people. On Jan 16, H.H. Visited Linh Quang Pagoda and in the morning he gave refuge to over 200 people of that area. After lunch H.H. blessed the Bodhichitta vows, and also gave teaching on the three Vehicles. At the end H.H. offered the statue of Thousand Arms Awaloketeshwara to the Abbot of the temple as a thanks for kindly supporting and helping for organising the Dharma program, at the same time the Abbot also offered gifts to Holiness and entourages for kindly visiting and offering the wonderful Dharma teachings in Dalat. The Abbot of the temple requested H.H. and entourages to come again in the future for Dharma exchange program in Dalat.

IMG 9747 2Next day, H.H. and entourages visited to the new Drikung Kagyu centre initiated by most Ven. Khenpo Rangdol in Dalat on Jan 17, 2018. H.H. offered a Buddha Statue as a blessing for the Center, and prayed for the well being and peace on earth. At 12:00 noon HH and entourages were invited by Karma Kagyu Centre for lunch and blessing. On Jan 18, H.H. and entourages visited a Zen Nunnery, and thereafter an Organic Farm towards the outskirts of the city. There H.H. discuss with members of the organic farmer to do the collaboration works in the near future.

On Jan 26, H.H. visited Phong Dong Hospital. He led the Vipassana meditation and transmission on Medicine Buddha.  H.H. gave Anapana Smriti Sutra Vipassana and emphasizing breathing techniques and meditation. He said that the meditation is medicine, and the medicine for mind. If our mind is in peaceful state then our body becomes stable and healthy, because our body and mind are interdependent. In the end H.H. gave initiation of the Medicine Buddha Mantra “ Om Vaishajya Vaishajya Maha Vaishajya Raja Samungatey Svaha”.  After lunch H.H. did inspections around the plants H.H. had planted during his last visit to the hospital campus in 2016. There H.H. and Sanghas offered water for the plants and did aspirational prayers for the world peace and harmony. In the evening H.H. and Sangha visited and blessed the Club Truc Lam Phat Mon, Hung Yen City.IMG 9675 2

At the Phap Van Pagoda, Ha Hoi, H.H. gave transmission on Phowa ( Tranference) and Long Life Empowerment, and also the Refuge Ceremony and teachings.

On Jan 27, H.H. gave Boddhisattva vows and teachings at Sui Pagoda, and on Jan 28, HH and Sangha members visited Soc Son Center for blessing and Dharma teachings. Next day H.H. and Sangha visited Drikung Garchen Phuntsocholing and granted the Dharma teachings on the essence of meditation and practice.

On Jan 30, the farewell dinner was organised by An Lac Group. H.H. was offered an Award “Certificate of Appreciation” for his continuous Dharma activities and contribution for the welfare of Vietnam-Indian Friendship. H.H. thanked An Lac Group and all the organisers for their hard works, support and dedication for the Drikung Kagyu Lineage and also for the award certificate. In the end H.H. conveyed many greetings and Happy Vietnamese New Year and prayed for good health and success for all.


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