His Holiness visits Indonesia

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His Holiness and entourage were invited towards the Plataran Heritage Hotel, where they were received by hundred over devotees who came for the retreat from 13 countries. The next day His Holiness led the vippassana retreat and gave teachings on the importance of meditation practice, and was successfully accomplished the Shravasti Meditation Retreat ended successfully with many enlightened

lessons happy memories and deep sensational feelings among the participants. After sharing their inner feelings by participants, the Drikung Kagyu Foundation thanked the team from the Drikung Atisha Center that made this retreat possible. Thereafter the mandala-offering was made for His Holiness followed by the group photos session in the end. In the evening the delightful dinner was hosted for all. His Holiness also accepted to offer a second retreat program in Borobudur in 2021.

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indone 5The celebration of commemorating 1000 years of Atisha's Journey to Indonesia was organised on March 3, 2019. It was a very blissful event to commemorate the 1000-year journey of Lord Atisha Dipamkara to Indonesia. His Holiness and many other lamas of Drikung Kagyu, the Mahasangha of Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana in Indonesia gathered with hundreds of lay-disciples for this grand commemoration. The event included a unique teaching from His Holiness relating the Six Paramitas with the practice of "mindfulness on breathing" and a Green Tārā empowerment that came from Atisha Dipankar through the first Kagyu master in Tibet, Marpa Lotsawa. They also organised the opportunities for Sanghadana during this event.





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