TBRA had audience with HH

121412427 3418990231516385 8505626673244826183 oThe president, vice president, and staffs of the Taiwan International Tibetan Buddhism Research Association had an audience with His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang and requested guidance and instructions from His Holiness. With full joy and compassion, His Holiness bestowed a speech. The following is the essence of His Holiness’ instructions:“It is extremely important to avoid achieving one’s goals through unfair and unjust means.“Wherever we are, we may always encounter people who slander and criticize Buddhism in general, and

Tibetan Buddhism in particular. We should not argue with them on insignificant details. Instead, we should identify the person or organization in charge and directly approach such person or entity, 

121482833 3418990174849724 697294267133287261 ohaving discussions with them and convincing them. In this way, many opportunities to clarify misunderstandings will for sure arise. “In general, Buddhism is very crucial to the whole world during this critical period. In particular, Tibetan Buddhism is of special importance to the current era. Tibetan Buddhism, the Tibetan language, and Tibetan culture complement each other. The Tibetan Language is the fundamental hope that both Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan culture can entrust upon. For this reason, the Tibetan language needs to adapt to the symbols, metaphors, and vocabularies of the modern world with both adjustments and improvements. It is difficult for the Tibetan language to contribute to the modern society by remaining in its old form and style. “Taiwan International Tibetan Buddhism Research Association takes lead in providing opportunities for young Tibetans in Taiwan to learn Tibetan Buddhism and culture by renting venues and assuming other responsibilities. Such endeavors are of crucial importance, however, not enough. For their own benefits, parents of Tibetan youths should develop in their own children good inclinations regarding their own religion and culture. They must take on such responsibilities without any excuse.”

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