Report from Drikung Kagyu Samtenling Nunnery

samtenlingFrom the wet, misty Dehra Dun City we send you our very best wishes to all our friends.

The nuns are back from their summer vacation and classes have begun. Twenty nuns stayed back at the nunnery during the break and most of them went into retreat.

An Italian Buddhist nun kindly donated some funds and Tsunma Tsekyi and Tsunma Chokey spent their summer vacation studying computer and English in Dharamsala. We hope another two nuns will be able to do the same course next summer. Computer knowledge is very important.

Elections took place for the new staff members of the Nunnery. The former directors and discipline mistresses as well as last year’s chant mistress met and of thirteen nuns only nine were present as the nuns from Himachal, India could not join us earlier because of landslides. They have all come back safely and it was a surprise for Tsunma Sangmo to obtain the highest vote for the Directorship for the year August 1, 2012 to next August 2013.

Tsunma Geytso is the disciplinarian. Tsunma Sangzin Dolma was elected the Nyerpa (Steward) and Tsunma Kalsang Lhamo was elected the senior Chant Mistress. A total of 20 nuns were elected for different posts and duties.

On August 14, 2012, the Secretary cum Accountant of the nunnery, Ms. Tenzin Lhadon welcomed the new staff members of the Nunnery and Venerable Khennpo Rangdol, the Principal of Kagyu College, our Chief Guest. The former staff members were presented with small gifts and Khatas (white scarves) in appreciation of their duties last year.  On this occasion Khenpo Rangdol gave an inspirational talk and the Advisor of the Nunnery gave a brief report on the activities of the Nunnery for the past year. Director Tsunma Sangmo thanked the Chief Guests and there was a tea party on this occasion.

As our Drupon Sonam Kunga is not keeping well he left for Ladakh, the retreat nuns are out of retreat but doing their daily prayers and meditations in their cells.

Our teacher Khenpo Tashi Nyima took leave to go to Taiwan to teach and look after a Drikung Center there for one year. We are sorry to lose him but the monk graduates from Kagyu College have all returned to teach. Ms. Nordzin Shakabpa, our voluntary English teacher is still with us and Ms. Tashi Yangdol Tsarong from Boston, USA, a lawyer by profession is here for a year to study Buddhism and Tibetan language and she has volunteered to teach English to the rest of the nuns.

Our Secretary cum Accountant, Ms. Tenzin Chokey left the nunnery to assist her mother in their garment business and we welcome a Bachelor of Commerce graduate, Ms. Tenzin Lhadon as our new Secretary/Act.

The past year a few of our nuns, including our last year’s Director have left the nunnery. One nun returned to Tibet as her parents wanted her back home. Few nuns, including the former Director went abroad and a couple of nuns left to join other Institutes to study Tibetan language only and two left because of their poor health. Dehra Dun was too hot for them in summer. As sponsors are difficult to find during this hard hit economic period, we will not be able to keep more than sixty nuns at Samtenling. We wish the nuns who left us best of luck, and the years they spent here will surely be of tremendous value in their future activities. We have opened registration for new nuns who wish to join us.

Most of our nuns are not sponsored, so if anyone wishes to sponsor a nun here at Samtenling, kindly contact the Secretary/Act. Ms. Tenzin Lhadon at this email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . It costs US$ 40 and EU 30 per month to sponsor a nun here at Drikung Kagyu Samtenling Nunnery, Dehra Dun, India.

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